Prince William doesn’t want more kids with Kate Middleton because of Prince Philip?


Prince William doesn’t, reportedly, want to have more kids with Kate Middleton because of Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, Prince William respects his grandfather and father’s passion for the environment. Prince Philip and Prince Charles do not want the country and the entire world to be overpopulated.

“I think they might take into consideration the environmental stand that William, Harry, Charles, and even Philip take on saving the planet and overpopulation,” she said.

Kate Middleton wants to expand her family but not Prince William?

Still, Bond said that this doesn’t change the fact that Middleton wants to expand her family.

Catherine has proved that she loves being a mother. I can’t think of anybody else who would go through that acute sickness that she suffers from each pregnancy. You’ve really got to want to be a mother to go through that,” Bond said.

Prince William, Kate Middleton too busy to have more kids

However, the royal expert also said that there’s another problem with Middleton and Prince William having another child. She said that Queen Elizabeth relies on the couple too much so it might be different for Middleton to become pregnant again.

“Kate and William have got really full royal roles now with the queen being so ancient. And Charles is no spring chicken. Without Andrew, Harry and Meghan, they’ve got a larger portfolio of royal duties and are incredibly busy. So, have they actually got the time or energy for another one?” she said.

Still, the royal expert said that since the royal couple is a strong team, they can handle anything that comes their way. It would be wonderful for Princess Charlotte to have a sister since she already has two brothers.

Kate Middleton feels broody

Just before the pandemic, Middleton and Prince William made headlines after the latter declared during her engagement that she was feeling broody. But when royal fans urged her to have more children, the Duchess of Cambridge said that Prince William might not be thrilled.

However, the decision to have another baby is entirely up to Prince William and Kate Middleton. And the royal expert’s opinions won’t influence their decision.

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