Prince William exploded at Harry hours before Prince Philip funeral: Rumor

Prince William exploded at Harry hours before Prince Philip funeral: Rumor

Prince William and Prince Harry, allegedly, got in a massive fight just hours before Prince Philip’s funeral.

According to Globe, the royal siblings had a confrontation after Prince William exploded at his younger brother.

“On the same side of the Atlantic for the first time in over a year, William blasted his brother and sister-in-law for bad-mouthing his wife, Kate, and selfishly trying to destroy the monarchy. I’m told he reamed Harry out for not visiting their grandfather in his final days and using the funeral as a publicity stunt,” the source said.

Prince Harry fired back at his brother 

Prince Harry fired back at his brother

Harry also, allegedly, retaliated at Prince William by accusing him of throwing Markle under the bus. The Duke of Sussex also vowed to never talk to his brother again.

“He also repeated his wife’s accusation that Kate made Meghan cry just days before the wedding. It was brutal! Instead of an expected joint public statement praising their beloved grandfather, they issued separate tributes, which underlined their split,” the source said.

Prince William made a subtle dig at Harry, Meghan Markle

In their statement, Prince William and Middleton vowed to always support Queen Elizabeth especially now that Prince Philip is no longer around.

The tabloid’s unnamed source claimed that this was the royal couple’s way of indirectly slamming Prince Harry. After all, the latter gave up his royal duties and stopped supporting the queen for his wife’s sake.

“That was a dig at Harry and Meghan, who can’t help Her Majesty due to their self-imposed exile. It was also a shot because Harry’s on, Archie has spent no time with his royal relatives since his birth almost two years ago. Frankly, Philip’s death has only intensified the horrific feud. This war is far from over and may never be,” the source said.

Prince William, Prince Harry rumors debunked

However, the tabloid’s claims should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, Prince William and Prince Harry showed a united front at Prince Philip’s funeral.

On their way to St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the siblings looked tense and uncomfortable. But after the funeral service, they stepped out of the venue looking more relaxed.

Prince William and Prince Harry were also spotted chatting with each other and with Middleton. This proves that there was no tension between the brothers before, during, or even after the funeral.

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