Prince William faces heavier burden than Harry after Princess Diana died

Prince William faces heavier burden than Harry after Princess Diana died

Prince William was also grieving after Princess Diana died but his grief was overshadowed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s self-pity, a report says.

Prince William and Prince Harry both lost their mom, Princess Diana, at such a young age. In his previous interviews, the Duke of Sussex spoke about his mental health. He shared the struggles, anxiety and loneliness he experienced after losing his mom. However, several individuals pointed out that his older brother faces a heavier burden compared to him.

Prince William had it more difficult than Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been candid about his pain and grief after Princess Diana died. He admitted that he blamed the paparazzi who chased his mom in the tunnel before the accident.

Prince Harry stressed that his dislike towards the press was due to how the media treated his mom and wife, Meghan Markle. Many sympathized with the Duke of Sussex. However, royal expert Phil Dampier said on Royals Monthly that Prince William experienced the same and more. The Duke of Cambridge was also grieving and had to prepare himself for his future role in the monarchy.

“He lost his mother as well and has the added burden of being a future king,” the royal expert said per New Idea.

“William has said that he didn’t want Diana’s death to destroy him, and so he made a conscious effort to cope and get on with his life.”

Dampier added that Prince William could not fathom why his brother chose to publicly ridicule the royal family. He allegedly finds it hard to understand why Prince Harry keeps on bashing his own blood. Kate Middleton’s husband was hoping that Prince Harry would stop talking about the royal family.

Twitter users’ reactions

Royal fans have mixed opinions about the issue. Some fans agreed with Dampier’s observations.

“What about William? Hasn’t he been hurting just as much? But doesn’t behave like his brother,” one commented per New Idea.

Meanwhile, others chose to support Prince Harry because they understand his mental health struggles.

Prince William and Harry’s relationship

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat for a tell-all with Oprah Winfrey in March. The couple claimed that a member of the royal family raised concern over their son’s complexion. The revelation sparked racism allegations against the royal family.

The Duke of Cambridge denied the allegation. According to Prince William, the royal family “is very much not racist.”

The royal siblings reunited last week for the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. They honored her on what would have been her 60th birthday. There was no tension during their most recent public reunion.

However, royal expert Katie Nicholl believed that it would still take time for them to mend their relationship. According to the author of Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, the future king is still very bitter and hurt over what Prince Harry said in his previous interviews.

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