Prince William kept distance from Sandringham summit amid Prince Harry rift

Prince William

A top royal historian bared the entire rift between Prince William and Prince Harry and everything that happened before Megxit.

In the new biography, Battle of Brothers, by Robert Lacey, he investigated the departure of Prince Harry that worsened the feud with Prince William.

Prince William avoided Sandringham Summit

The book excerpt published by the Daily Mail revealed the events that took place at the controversial Sandringham summit.

Queen Elizabeth II decided she, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry, should talk with their respective private secretaries at Sandringham.

As they were about to discuss things out, Prince William, reportedly, wanted to let the staff handle “all the haggling.”

“I put my arm around my brother all our lives,” he said, per Lacey. “I can’t do it anymore. We’re separate entities.”

Kate Middleton’s husband kept himself away from the Sandringham summit.

Alternatively, Queen Elizabeth requested a family gathering for lunch before the talk, but he refused.

Queen Elizabeth’s decision over Megxit

At the summit, a senior palace source revealed the negotiation was like “dealing with a hard-nosed Hollywood lawyer.”

“The Sussexes wanted guarantees on every single point as if it were a contractual negotiation,” the insider said. “They totally misplayed the negotiations, but then so did the palace.”

After several weeks of deliberation, Queen Elizabeth made her decision. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could not use the Sussex Royal as their brand name.

Despite what happened, the Queen remained to be “well-disposed” toward her grandson and his wife.

She wished them well in their new lives in Canada, along with her great-grandchild, Archie.

However, there were claims her decision not to let them use the word royal stemmed from their “erratic and impulsive behavior.”

The difficulties of the monarchy, Prince Harry suffer

In an interview, Lacey was very careful not to take sides between Prince Harry and the monarchy.

He acknowledged both sides had difficulties with the Sussexes’ decision. However, he claimed the palace “got it wrong” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“They always treat the second-born badly, not to say cruelly,” he explained, via People. “It happened with Princess Margaret. It happened with Prince Andrew.”

Allegedly, the palace had no idea what to do with the spare. In this case, it was Prince Harry.

So, Lacey is hoping that as a father, Prince Charles will do something about it and stage an intervention so that Prince Harry and Prince William will reconcile.

Battle of Brothers is set to be out on Oct. 20 in the U.S.

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