Prince William might break record after Queen Elizabeth II’s reign

Prince William, Kate Middleton excited to meet Lili 

Prince William could abdicate once he becomes King – the first of this century.

After Prince Charles, Prince William will take over the crown.

Amid Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, royal fans expect that there might be massive changes to the monarchy once she abdicates. Her Majesty’s absence could give birth to a different approach to the next monarchs.

According to royal expert Ian Lloyd, the future monarchs would not spend their whole lives serving the Firm. Instead, the British monarchy’s future generation might follow the setup of European countries.

The system allows the King or Queen to retire once they reach a certain age. This way, they could prevent themselves from carrying out their duties at old age.

“Most of the other monarchies in Europe have abdications – for example, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, and Albert II, the King of Belgium retired,” Lloyd told Express UK. “The abdication and retirement of monarchs are commonplace in Europe.

However, he noted that this change might only be applied during the Duke of Cambridge’s reign since Prince Charles would highly likely spend the rest of his life as King.

For Queen Elizabeth II’s part, the royal expert noted that Her Majesty continues to live on her famous pledge.

Who among British Monarchs chose to abdicate

The century has not seen anyone relinquish their duties yet. But abdication actually became a choice of some leaders in the past.

King Edward VIII abdicated in December 1936 so he could marry American socialite, Wallis Simpson. The Duke of Windsor wanted to protect his mother Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth from any public damages if they ignored his American wife.

“[But] he stressed that he was far from happy with the arrangement and he wasn’t prepared to abide by it for much longer,” journalist Simon Edge said in 2013.

Meanwhile, King George III allowed his son to rule by proxy until he died in 1820.

Queen Elizabeth II promised during her 21st birthday that she would serve the Crown, the country, and the Commonwealth for the rest of her life. However, her cousin Margaret Rhodes said that abdication could only happen if the Queen suffers from a stroke or Alzheimer’s.

Despite her old age, Her Majesty has not shown any signs yet that she would slow down even after Prince Philip’s death. She even performed royal duties right after her husband’s funeral and held a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Featured image courtesy of USAID/Vietnam, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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