Prince William not ‘trapped’ in royal life, unlike Harry: Report

Prince William does not feel 'trapped' in royal life, unlike Harry: Report

Prince Harry said that Prince William is ‘trapped’ in the system of the monarchy, adding that his brother cannot leave just like he did.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dropped several allegations in their bombshell interview with Oprah. Some of the claims include issues and concerns that the Duke of Sussex has had with his brother, Prince William.

In one aspect of the interview, the youngest Wales Prince told Oprah Winfrey that he is part of the “system” with his brother and father. But, while he was able to leave, he said that the Duke of Cambridge could not. He even added that the Prince of Wales and his brother are “trapped” within the British Monarchy, according to People.

Following the statements, Oprah asked whether the future King wants to get out, as well. However, Prince Harry said that he “cannot speak for him.”

Does Prince William feel “trapped”?

Days later, a source close to the royal siblings opened up about the bombshell interview. Speaking to The Sunday Times, the unnamed informant noted that Prince William found his brother’s comments “way off the mark.”

As explained, the Duke of Cambridge does not reportedly feel trapped. The insider continued that the future King “has a path set for him,” adding that he is “completely accepting” of it.

The same source also pointed out that the eldest Wales Prince is “very much his grandmother’s grandson” in terms of duty and service. Moreover, it is claimed that he was “reeling” after witnessing the interview earlier this month.

Future King is “very upset”

A separate report from People, later on, stated that Prince Harry “acknowledged” the different paths that he and Prince William have these days. He, however, said that he loves his brother as they “have been through hell together” over the years.

Despite insisting that he will always be there for the future King, a friend of the two royal-born Princes alleged that the Duke of Cambridge still feels “very upset” about the whole debacle. Nevertheless, he is reportedly “absolutely intent” that their relationship as brothers “will heal in time.”

Royal-born Princes had an “unproductive” conversation

On Wednesday, This Morning host Gayle King revealed that she reached out to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She explained that she called to “see how they were feeling” following the controversial interview.

King claimed that the Duke of Sussex has already spoken to Prince William and Prince Charles. However, the discussions and conversations among the Wales royals have reportedly remained “unproductive.” Even so, the Sussexes are allegedly glad that a conversation has already begun.


Featured Image courtesy of The Royal Family/YouTube

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