Prince William, Prince Harry new feud erupted over Netflix deal: Rumor

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry are said to be fighting once again due to the Sussexes’ newly-signed deal with Netflix. Kate Middleton’s husband is, reportedly, mad over the possibility of Princess Diana’s film.

As per New Idea, Prince William is really worried because Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may make another documentary.

Allegedly, his main concern is that his brother and sister-in-law could feature the life of their mother, the Princess of Wales.

Prince William is upset at Meghan

In the report, it seems that Prince William is blaming or more upset with Meghan than his brother. If they will do a Princess Diana film, it is likely her idea since she expressed her interest in it.

“Meghan often said she’d love to do a documentary about Princess Diana’s Life,” and Prince William is upset that Markle will use “hundreds of millions of Netflix dollars at her disposal to do whatever she wants.”

“When she was in England, Meghan often said she’d love to do a documentary about Princess Diana’s life,” an insider supposedly told the magazine.

“William always tried to deflect the idea. He and Harry have done a few interviews about her, and he feels that everything that should be made public has been put out there by her own sons.”

The source went on to say that Prince William’s thoughts on the documentary offended the Duchess of Sussex.

“And now William fears she’ll go rogue and do it anyway, only this time she’ll have hundreds of millions of Netflix dollars at her disposal to do whatever she wants,” the tipster added.

Prince William and Harry’s alleged feud

The multi-million deal between Netflix and the Sussexes has ignited a renewed feud between Prince William and Prince Harry.

As mentioned, the former hates the idea of their mother’s life being dragged into the deal. But his brother can’t do anything about it. They are fighting again as Prince Harry can’t stop his wife from doing the documentary.

“She (Meghan) has an ax to grind, is certainly not William’s biggest fan, and Harry is powerless to stop her once she gets an idea in her head,” the source stated.

“Meghan’s given them (Netflix bosses) a wish list of the sorts of shows and movies she’d like to make, and rumor has it Diana’s name has come up more than once.”

Debunking the rumor about the British princes

Gossip Cop is refuting this claim about Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud after it determined that the story is false.

The publication stated that New Idea published this story for “clicks” because the allegation has no basis at all.

It added that when the Sussexes signed the deal with Netflix, they did not reveal any plans for their content. Thus, the suggestion about Princess Diana’s biography is “purely speculative with no basis in fact.”

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