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Prince William, Prince Harry to exhume Princess Diana for new probe: Report


Prince William and Prince Harry are said to be seeking the truth about Princess Diana’s untimely death. Thus, as they mark their mother’s 23rd death anniversary, they have ordered for her body to be exhumed for a new investigation.

Prince William and Prince Harry are supposedly launching a new probe to solve the mystery of their mother’s death.

They are aware of the conspiracy theories, and by disentombing Princess Diana, they hope that everything will come to light.

With the truth, they can now dismiss all the morbid tales surrounding their mom’s passing. It will also give them peace because they suspect she was murdered by the same people who drove the Sussexes out of Britain.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s goal to find the truth

As per the report that appeared on Globe magazine, Prince William and Harry have made arrangements for their mom’s body to be exhumed.

This will be the second time that Princess Diana’s body is set to be disentombed and the brothers are doing this in secret. The source of this info is, allegedly, someone from the palace.

It was claimed that the Princess of Wales’s body would undergo autopsy for the second time. This action is said to be the brothers’ last-ditch effort to uncover the truth.

“Harry fears his whole family has been lying to him about his mother’s death for 23 years,” an unnamed insider supposedly told Globe.

“There are still so many unanswered questions,” the palace insider added. “He’s convinced there’s been a massive cover-up and Diana was murdered on the orders of vicious palace faction.”

The source went on to say that Prince Harry is fuming mad and determined to catch the conspirators and bring them to justice.

As for Prince William, it was claimed that he is worried that his wife Kate Middleton may be in danger too. This is another reason why he wants to uncover the identities of the culprits.

Prince Charles doesn’t support his sons’ plan to start a new probe

The magazine alleged that Prince Charles is against the exhumation of Princess Diana’s body. He is pressuring Prince William and Prince Harry to halt their plan of reinvestigation.

Prince Charles, allegedly, told his sons they would not get their $360,000 yearly allowance if they push with the probe.

With his attempt to stop the princes, Globe stated this seems to hint that Queen Elizabeth’s son knows something about Di’s death.

He is trying to keep things remained a secret, so he is stopping Prince William and Harry from investigating.

The truth about Princess Diana’s exhumation report

The claims about Prince William and Prince Harry’s plan to dig their mother’s grave and have her body be autopsied again is false.

Gossip Cop stated that the story was written in “poor taste” and there is no evidence that supports the narrative.

Plus, exhuming Princess Diana’s body in secret, as mentioned in the report, is impossible. This is because they need permits to do this, so their request will be in public records.

The princess’s resting place is heavily guarded on a man-made island in Althorp, and people can easily see what is going on there. Digging Di’s grave will never be a secret if it is true at all.

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