Prince William to shake up royal bloodline upon ascension

Prince William to shake up royal bloodline upon ascension

After Prince Charles, Prince William will become the King of the United Kingdom.

Prince William is Prince Charles’ heir apparent. When he abdicates or passes away, his eldest child will become the head of the British Monarchy.

It remains unclear when this will happen. As noted, Queen Elizabeth is still in position, reigning as the Queen of the United Kingdom.

But, whatever the time frame might be, a royal expert recently shared that the Duke of Cambridge will “shake up” the royal bloodline once he ascends to the throne. He will mark a “royal first,” according to the Daily Express.

Prince William is a descendant of King Charles II

Taking his thoughts to Twitter, Robert Jobson stated that Princess Diana descended from King Charles II through his two illegitimate sons. These are 1st Duke of Grafton Henry Fitzroy and 1st Duke of Richmond Charles Lennox.

Accordingly, when Prince William takes over the British Crown, he will become the “first blood descendant” of the former Scottish monarch to do so. This is because Charles II passed away with no legitimate children in 1685. As a result, his brother, James II, succeeded him.

Robert Jobson continued that, apart from ascending as the first descendant of King Charles II, Prince William will also become the British King who has direct Hanoverian ancestors. Hence, he will be the first modern monarch who has direct links to both the Stuarts and Hanovers. It is as if the Scottish Independence Referendum is “back on the agenda,” the expert added.


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Taking over from Prince Charles

Before he becomes the head of the British Monarchy, Prince William will first take over from his father as the Prince of Wales. He will have the peerage and the honor once his father officially ascends to the British Throne.

Speaking to the Daily Express, royal commentator Bob Morris shared that the Duke of Cambridge’s duties and responsibilities will shift when this happens. But, he will basically receive what his father obtained while in the position.

As the Heir Apparent and Prince of Wales, he will “enjoy” revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall. So, there will reportedly be a “dramatic” change in his financial circumstances.

Duke does not want to become King?

Amid all the talks about his future, there are assertions about his real views and emotions about the matter. In one of her latest interviews, royal expert Angela Levin claimed that the Duke of Cambridge does not want to become King, and it “disappoints” him to be the heir.

She alleged that Prince William and Prince Harry are “very much” on the same page. The reason being is that they both long for privacy while making a difference in their surrounding.


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