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Prince William slammed Netflix over parents’ ‘unfair’ depiction


“The Crown” Season 4 introduced the characters of Princess Diana and Prince William.

More than a week has already passed since Netflix dropped The Crown Season 4. Many new characters joined the storylines, including Princess Diana and Prince William.

An infant version of the Duke of Cambridge’s character made brief appearances on the royal-based show’s premise. However, this is not what concerns the royal-born Prince. What caught his attention was the “unfair” portrayal of his parents, reportedly causing him to break his silence.

Amid the developing controversies over the series, palace insiders said that the future King has “accused” Netflix of using his parents to earn money, according to the Daily Express.

Prince William hits back on Netflix

Sources claimed that Prince William slammed the streaming giant for not showing a “fair” depiction of his parents’ marriage. He also allegedly called out Netflix for taking advantage of the former Wales couple’s story in a “simplistic way to make money.”

The Daily Mail released a similar report about the matter, with different sources asserting that the show did not “please” the royal-born Prince. He reportedly feels that The Crown “exploited” the Prince and Princess of Wales, adding that the show presents them in bad lighting. Another insider branded the whole debacle as “not right,” considering that the series does not depict or “represent the truth.”

The Crown Season 4 received mixed receptions

Royal experts and commentators discussed Prince William’s alleged “disparaging comments earlier this week. Russell Myers and Lorraine Kelly talked about how most of the British Royals, particularly the Duke of Cambridge and Prince of Wales, perceived the latest season of The Crown.

Myers said that the Netflix Original material has received a huge “fanfare,” as well as “furore,” following its release. He noted that the show features a lot of “historical inaccuracies,” adding, however, that the creator admitted using “artistic license” in producing the series.

The royal expert, then, claimed that Prince Charles and his eldest son would not surely watch the material. Nevertheless, he asserted that the portrayals of the Prince and Princess of Wales are what causes the worries among the members of the British Royal Family.

The Duke of Cambridge does not watch The Crown

Some British Royals reportedly watch and tune in on The Crown. But, In Style previously reported that this does not include the eldest Wales Prince.

Olivia Colman, who plays the role of Queen Elizabeth, confirmed this in one of her interviews. She shared that she was able to meet and talk to the Duke of Cambridge. This then gave her the chance to ask whether he watches the series.

The future British Monarch responded with a “firm” no. Colman argued, though, that despite his answer, Prince William was “lovely” and “charming.”

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