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Prince William still struggling with Rose Hanbury cheating rumors?


Prince William is, allegedly, struggling with a lot of things.

According to In Touch Weekly, Prince William doesn’t normally air his dirty laundry. But he’s had a very tough past couple of years.

For one, he’s still struggling to move past the cheating scandal that he was involved in two years ago.

Back then, tabloids and some sources claimed that he had an affair with Kate Middleton’s good friend, Rose Hanbury.

The Duke of Cambridge never directly denied the allegations. But the rumors just died a natural death a few weeks later.

Prince William stressing over a lot of issues

Still, a source for the tabloid claimed that Prince William is still dealing with the cheating scandal today.

“There’s the fallout from his cheating scandal, his feud with Prince Harry, and his power struggle with his father over who will be king,” the source said.

Last year, Prince William also had to endure revisiting Princess Diana’s personal struggles after The Crown aired its latest season.

The source added that the dad of three is struggling to cope. But he likes to make his family, friends, and fans think that he’s got everything under control.

Prince William has been drinking excessively

To deal with his stresses, the future king is, allegedly, drinking his woes away.

“Friends and people inside the palace are worried about him. He’s holding on to so much anger. Drinking the pain away is not the answer,” the source said.

The insider also insisted that Prince William is upset with Queen Elizabeth for seeming still wanting Prince Charles to become her successor.

“When William learned his grandmother was still going to support Charles becoming king, that really drove him over the edge. She had given him and Kate so much more responsibility in recent months that he thought his father would be passed over,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

The Duke of Cambridge isn’t struggling. And if he is, he won’t share his issues with a tabloid that claims to know everything about him.

And there’s also no truth to the claims that Prince William is stressing over Hanbury and Prince Charles becoming king. After all, he didn’t cheat on Middleton and he knows that his dad will succeed the queen no matter what.

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