Prince William struggling to forgive Harry, still thinks he’s sabotaging the monarchy: Rumor

Prince William struggling to forgive Harry, still thinks he's sabotaging the monarchy: Rumor

Prince William is, allegedly, still struggling to forgive Prince Harry for everything that he’s done.

According to Star, Prince William agreed to walk close to Prince Harry during Prince Philip’s funeral because he wanted to make Queen Elizabeth happy. However, this doesn’t mean that he has forgiven his younger brother.

The duke is struggling to forgive Harry for trampling all over the royal family and is finding it hard to see past what, in his opinion, are Harry’s endless attempts to sabotage the monarchy,” the source said.

Prince William wants to air his grievances against Prince Harry

Prince William wants to air his grievances against Prince Harry

According to the source, the Duke of Cambridge is also upset over the fact that the Sussexes seemingly got what they wanted to say off their chest through their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince William, on the other hand, isn’t allowed to talk about his personal thoughts and feelings because he will become the future king of the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton helps Prince William cope

Luckily for the dad of three, his wife, Kate Middleton was there to show him support. In fact, it’s also, allegedly, Middleton that reminds her husband that not giving a tell-all is the right thing to do.

“Kate convinced William it’s the right thing to do. And even though Kate and Meghan don’t see eye to eye, they both agree their husbands need to sort out their differences,” the source said.

The siblings’ starting point is, allegedly, their role as fathers to their children.

Meghan Markle extends an olive branch

The insider also claimed that Meghan Markle has also been helping Prince Harry heal from his ongoing rift against his older brother.

“Meghan’s idea for how to start healing included Harry showing William photos of Archie and scans of the new baby. It’s an opportunity to start repairing the damage,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Prince William and Prince Harry were at peace with each other during Prince Philip’s funeral.

There’s also no proof that Prince William feels negative about Prince Harry. After all, he’s not one to talk about his personal feelings. And the only time that he did was when he confirmed to the public that the royal family isn’t racist.

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