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Prince William thinks Harry’s behavior is sickening, baffling: Rumor


Prince William isn’t, allegedly, thrilled to hear Prince Harry’s comment about service last month.

According to OK! magazine, Prince William thinks that his younger brother’s behavior is both baffling and sickening.

Prince William furious with Prince Harry’s snide comment

After all, the Duke of Sussex seemingly took aim at Queen Elizabeth after the latter said that it’s not possible for him and Meghan Markle to continue a life of service.

Prince Harry immediately slammed his grandmother in his statement by saying that service is universal.

After hearing his comment, the tabloid claimed that the Duke of Cambridge couldn’t help but feel upset.

“He can’t get his head around it. William feels the family has been understanding and fair while Harry and Meghan continue to sit on their high horse, flinging insults. From William’s perspective, there is simply no excuse for snide and ego-driven swipes made towards the queen,” the source said.

Prince Harry should be more sensitive towards Queen Elizabeth

The insider added that the queen has been worried sick about Prince Philip. So, now isn’t the time to take digs at her.

As such, Kate Middleton’s husband couldn’t help but feel helpless over the whole situation.

“He fears Harry is too wrapped up in his own self-importance to see the hurt he’s caused. And that is unforgivable in William’s eyes,” the source said.

Prince William wants his brother to apologize

According to the source, the only thing that could make the situation a bit better is if the Sussexes apologize to the royal family.

“The desire is for Harry to grow up, snap out of Meghan’s spell, and deliver the royals a full and sincere apology,” the source said.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle tell-all interview

However, this is unlikely to happen because Prince Harry and Markle haven’t seemingly shown any sign of remorse.

In fact, the couple recently sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. And they are expected to dish on what it was really like to be a royal.

The interview will air on CBS on Sunday, but several teasers have already been released.

In one of the clips, Winfrey said that no subject is off-limits during her conversation with the former royals.

Markle also explained why she had to turn down Winfrey’s request to interview her after her royal wedding. She said that the decision wasn’t really hers to make.

It is unclear if the Sussexes will talk about Prince William and Middleton during the interview.

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