Princess Anne mocks ‘The Crown’ actress playing her role

Princess Anne mocks 'The Crown' actress playing her role

Princess Anne recently poked fun at Erin Doherty, the actress who plays her on “The Crown.”

Since The Crown‘s emergence to fame, many have wondered whether the British Royals also tune in on the Netflix series. While speculations have continued over the years, Princess Anne recently confirmed that she, indeed, watches the show.

In marking her 70th birthday, ITV released a documentary titled, Anne: The Princess Royal At 70. In it, the Queen’s only daughter shared her thoughts about the popular series material, according to the Independent.

She clarified that she does not watch it anymore. But, she, reportedly, found the episodes “quite interesting.” Reports, then, noted that she had not watched yet the parts where actress Erin Doherty comes in as her.

Erin Doherty shared her experiences on The Crown

The latest installment of The Crown featured new faces in its plot. Season 3 saw the all-grown-up characters of Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

Erin Doherty plays the role of Princess Royal on the series. She previously shared a few insights into the preparations for the character.

Speaking to Town & Country, the 28-year-old actress described her hairstyle on the set as a “beast.” She explained that while the makeup only took ten minutes, the hair “would take two hours” to finish. It is “its own beast,” she added.

Doherty continued to assert, however, that despite this, she thinks it was “necessary for her character.” Aside from getting her exact look at that time, it, reportedly, felt like her hair and fashion were her ways to “express herself.”

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Princess Anne poked fun at Doherty’s revelations

In the documentary, Princess Anne commented on Erin Doherty’s assertions about the royal’s hair, as per Cheat Sheet. She said that she recently read the article about the actress’ take on her hair and fashion.

The Queen’s only daughter, reportedly, joked about it. “How could you possibly take that long?” she rhetorically asked. As revealed, it only takes her “ten or 15 minutes” to finish her hair.

The Crown on Netflix

The Crown is now gearing up for its upcoming installments. While it remains undisclosed when Season 4 will arrive on Netflix, reports said that it would likely drop this November on the platform.

Amid the waiting period, recent news also revealed that the series would add another installment to its overall plot. Instead of concluding the show’s run in Season 5, The Crown will ultimately close its doors in Season 6.

As for Princess Anne, she did not share whether she will continue to watch the show. But, based on her statements, there is a possibility that she will check the later seasons, considering that her character has already entered the plot.

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