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Princess Anne skipped attending college because of this


Princess Anne is one of the British Royals who did not go to college.

Attending college is not a requirement for the British Royals. Several of them went to do different things right after graduating from school, including Princess Anne.

Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter has always done things in her ways, and attending college is no different. But, there is an actual reason why she did not go to a university and obtained a degree, according to Cheat Sheet.

Why Princess Anne skipped college

Reports have always dubbed Princess Anne as the “most hardworking royal” in the British Royal Family. In recalling some of the events in her life, she revealed why she chose not to attend college.

Through the documentary, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70, she explained her reasons. She said that most of her “contemporaries” would respond the same thing when asked about their decision to attend universities. “That’s what you do,” she recalled.

The Princess Royal continued that this is not a “very good reason” to go to college. She also described it as a “highly overrated pastime,” according to the Daily Express. Accordingly, she skipped and did something else.

She did something that made “more sense”

Amid her decision-making, she thought that she might have the chance to travel with Queen Elizabeth. As noted, the British Royals, especially the Queen and the rest of the working members, always travel across the globe to do official engagements and appearances.

Princess Anne said that she did “Geography A-level” in the past. Hence, traveling “made more sense” to her than going to college.

Reports said that the royal did travel with the British Monarch during that time. This is also likely what prompted her to become active in doing royal engagements and appearances inside and outside the United Kingdom.

She received honorary degrees later on

Despite deeming college as “overrated,” Princess Anne obtained several credentials from various universities. She received a total of three honorary degrees and even became a chancellor of many college institutions.

Reports said that the Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Regina gave her an honorary degree, Doctor of Laws. She also obtained an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Cranfield University.

Aside from Princess Anne, the other British Royals who did not go to college are Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. Both of the royal-born Princes went straight ahead to their military careers.

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