Princess Diana allegedly loved somebody else, not Dodi Fayed

Princess Diana

The former psychic of Princess Diana revealed she didn’t love Dodi Fayed, and she had her eyes on someone else.

At the time of the death of Princess Diana, she was in a relationship with Fayed, but she was in love with somebody else. The two both died in a car crash in Paris in August 1997. She was 36, while her boyfriend was 42.

Princess Diana in love with somebody else

There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana. Some said she’s assassinated for being pregnant with Fayed’s child.

There are also claims that senior royals didn’t like the idea that a Muslim would be linked to the Royal Family.

However, Simone Simmons, the princess’s trusted psychic and friend, shut down all these claims, saying Princess Diana was in love with somebody else.

Simmons told Daily Star Online the late Princess of Wales told her a lot of her deepest secrets. Allegedly, she was in love with her former heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan.

“Diana was never in love with Dodi,” Simmons revealed. “She always loved Hasnat Khan, the heart surgeon she dated before Dodi.”

She was already over with Fayed when she died and was only with him to make Khan jealous.

“He was just a playboy, not Diana’s type at all,” Simmons added.

A move to the U.S. like Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Simmons continued Princess Diana wanted to move to the U.S. or South Africa with Hasnat, just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She was eyeing Julie Andrew’s Los Angeles home as their possible place to stay.

“But what she really wanted was for Hasnat to come with her,” Simmons added.

The rumors and false stories that surrounded her at the time took its toll on herMirror Online noted. Simmons also revealed two haunting phone messages from Diana, saying she had “so much to tell.”

“I know this because she used to share all her most intimate secrets with me,” Simmons revealed.

In the book Diana: The Last Word, Simmons also said she counseled Princes Williams and Harry’s mother.

Princess Diana had been in a relationship with Fayed, the son of former Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed.

They only had a short-lived romance, but it was well-publicized and filled with controversy, Town and Country noted.

Fayed’s reputation as a millionaire playboy who was fond of famous and attractive women caused a stir back then.

At the time, Fayed was already engaged to Kelly Fisher, who held a conference to reveal she’s suing him for, allegedly, abandoning her at the altar.

When Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed died, Fisher dropped the lawsuit.

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