Princess Diana claimed Camilla immediately saw her as a ‘threat’

Princess Diana claimed Camilla immediately saw her as a 'threat'

Camilla Parker-Bowles reportedly felt she could manipulate Princess Diana.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship is one of the most infamous links in history. While the public first deemed their “love story” like a fairytale, it was far from the truth behind closed doors.

Some royal experts claimed that the Camilla Parker-Bowles is the Prince of Wales’ “one great love.” Despite being already married to her then-husband, the Heir Apparent never reportedly stopped loving her.

The two then remained close friends amid their respective marriages. While the Duchess of Cornwall was one of the people who encouraged the royal-born Prince to marry the lass, she reportedly saw the late royal as a threat, according to Cheat Sheet.

Princess Diana met Camilla Parker-Bowles

Being a close friend to Prince Charles, Princess Diana also eventually established links with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Prior to her wedding to the Heir Apparent, she even met with her then-fiance’s ex-girlfriend.

Several years later, and amid the controversial affair, the Princess of Wales revealed that Camilla Parker-Bowles quickly saw her as a “threat.” Despite her young age, the now-Duchess of Cornwall reportedly realized this from the moment they met.

Andrew Morton wrote the claims in his book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words. As noted, the late royal gave him copies of her recordings, detailing her own side of the story.


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Duchess of Cornwall encouraged Prince Charles to wed

Author and columnist Tina Brown had a conversation with Camilla Parker-Bowles’ former brother-in-law. The Daily Express reported that the discussion centered on the Duchess of Cornwall’s perceptions about Princess Diana.

Brown revealed the details of the exchange in her 2007 book, The Diana Chronicles. As claimed, Camilla “initially encouraged the relationship” between the Prince and Princess of Wales. The reason being is that she allegedly thought “Diana was gormless.”

The now-Duchess of Cornwall initially characterized the late royal as “the blushing little Spencer girl.” She thought that Diana would not give them any trouble in the future.

Prince Charles seemingly agreed to the suggestions. This reportedly came after all the pressures of being Heir Apparent became too exhausting for him. Accordingly, he proposed to Diana despite only seeing her a couple of times.

Author Jessica Jayne echoed the assertions in her 2012 book, The Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla’s Story and Secrets. As stated, Camilla Parker-Bowles never saw Princess Diana as a threat before their meeting. She reportedly felt that she could “manipulate” the young Spencer.


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