Princess Diana heard these most hurtful words from Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Sarah Ferguson quickly made her way into the Royal Family more than Princess Diana did that people compared them with each other. There was even a point that Prince Charles seemed to favor the Duchess of York more than his wife.

Prince Charles couldn’t help himself but compared Princess Diana with the wife of his brother, Prince Andrew. It even came to an instance where the future king asked his wife if she could be like Sarah Ferguson.

Comparing Princess Diana with Fergie

As a country girl, the Duchess of York had a lot in common with the Royal Family. She was fond of animals, loved skiing, and even horse-riding.

Her acceptance of her new life as a member of the Royal Family seemed to be a far cry from her sister-in-law.

At the time, the Princess of Wales had a hard time adapting to her royal life.

Hence, people couldn’t help but compare them with each other. Prince Charles even made a comment about it that deeply hurt the People’s Princess.

On Channel 5’s Fergie vs. Diana: Royal Wives at War, royal expert Jennie Bond talked about this event in the two’s lives.

“She fitted in really well. Fergie really threw herself into the family life,” she said, per Mirror Online. “Often, Diana would be seen to be the moody one, and Fergie was good fun.”

Fergie, Sarah’s nickname, was the “frolicking girl” who became a breath of fresh air for the Royal Family when she came.

Seeing the huge difference between the two women, Prince Charles asked why Princess Diana couldn’t be more like Fergie.

“There was a point at which Charles said to Diana, ‘why can’t you be more Fergie?'” psychologist Jo Hemmings revealed. “For someone whose self-esteem is already pretty low, who is feeling very vulnerable. That wasn’t just a rebute.”

For Princess Diana, it could be the most “cutting and hurtful” words that her husband could ever say to her.

Princess Diana’s effort to be fun

So, to be like Fergie, Princess Diana tried to be more fun, but it quickly backfired. The two women caused a huge mishap that The Sun named them “silly, simpering girls.”

“Diana did her best to be more fun like Fergie,” the documentary narrator Glynis Barber said, per Express. “One attempt at Ascot in 1987 was to backfire.”

According to royal commentators Ingrid Seward and Richard Kay, the incident caused outrage and concern about their behavior.

“There was one occasion at Royal Ascot where they spotted a friend of Fergie’s in the crowd,” Seward revealed. “They were all carrying umbrellas and they poked her bottom with this umbrella.”

Although it was only a fun event, the repercussions were enormous.

“But both Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana were upbraided for sort of misbehaving in public,” Kay shared.

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