What Princess Diana left for Prince Harry revealed

What Princess Diana left for Prince Harry, Prince William revealed

Prince Harry unveiled that he and Meghan Markle survived their exit because of his inheritance from Princess Diana.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle delivered another shocking blow to the British Royal Family on Sunday. Apart from revealing their experiences while and after serving the Crown, the Sussex couple also talked about Princess Diana.

Speaking to their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Sussex shared that he and his wife were able to survive because of what his mother left him following her death. Page Six, later on, released a report as to how much the late royal left her sons in 1997.

Princess Diana left Prince Harry and Prince William millions

Amid the pre-filmed interview, Prince Harry shared that he and Meghan Markle were cut off financially by the British Royal Family following their exit last year. He stated that they only depended on what Princess Diana left, adding that she seemingly saw it all happening.

The royal-born Prince also claimed that their deals with Netflix and Spotify were never part of their plan. This then left many wondering how much the Princess of Wales gave her sons.

Sources said that the Duke of Sussex netted around $13 million. His mother originally left around AU$11.4 million following her death in 1997.

The amount grew over the years because it accrued interest. The same report added that Prince Harry and Prince William began to receive their respective inheritances at the age of 25. Upon reaching their 30th name day, they obtained the full amount of what their mother left for them.


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The Princess of Wales’ net worth

Fox Business released a similar report, as well, detailing the amounts and net worths of the British Royals involved in the controversy. Based on the discoveries, which The Sun publicized, Princess Diana had an estimated net worth of AU$40.5 million in 1997.

As explained, the majority of her net worth came from her split from Prince Charles. She also reportedly received “cash, jewelry, shares, and other personal items.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s net worth

While Prince Harry has his own money from the inheritance, Meghan Markle earned her own from various projects in the past. Town & Country reported that she received more than AU$64,000 per episode on USA Network’s Suits, ramping up her total net worth to nearly AU$2.6 million after leaving Hollywood.

She also reportedly earned over AU$102,000 annually for endorsements and sponsorships. While it remains unclear whether they have already exhausted all of what Princess Diana left for Prince Harry, reports said that the Sussex couple has a collective net worth of more than AU$64 million.


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