Princess Diana felt ‘insecure’ during marriage to Prince Charles

Princess Diana felt 'insecure' during marriage to Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Princess Diana stayed in their marriage for 11 years.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles tied the knot after going out a couple of times. Some reports claimed that they only met 13 times before they decided to tie the knot.

While the Prince of Wales was already 33 years old, his wife was only 20. But, despite the age gap, many thought that their union was perfect. The public even reportedly deemed their wedding in 1981 as a fairytale, dream wedding. Unfortunately for the shippers, the marriage did not go well for both parties.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana “endured” the relationship

As the future King and Queen Consort of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles and Princess Diana “endured” their marriage for years, according to the Daily Express. They became one of the most “high-profile” couples in the world during that time.

A year into their marriage, they had their first child, Prince William. Two years later, Prince Harry arrived in their lives.

While they appeared as a great family at first, this did not seemingly stay for long. Cheating allegations emerged and plagued their lives until they decided to separate for good.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana "endured" the relationship

The Princess’s friends had concerns

In his book, Diana: Her True Story, royal biographer Andrew Morton wrote that Princess Diana’s friends had several concerns about her marriage to Prince Charles. They reportedly found it “worrying,” especially how the Prince of Wales “treated” his wife.

Morton revealed that the Princess of Wales felt “ignored” all the time when she was with her husband. She never “contemplated” to make any comment or input into any of the royal-born Prince’s interests. These include his passion for architecture, agriculture, and even the environment.

The reason was that the Princess reportedly had “painful experiences” when she did in the past. As noted, her suggestions were treated with “ill-disguised contempt.”

She felt “insecure” and “inferior”

Aside from feeling “ignored,” Princess Diana also felt “intellectually insecure” and “inferior.” A source told Morton that Prince Charles always made her feel these things amid their marriage.

The unnamed friend of the Princess of Wales continued and shared that the future King once took his wife to see A Woman of No Importance. This reportedly happened during the royal-born Prince’s 43rd birthday. They noted that the “irony” was apparent as the late Princess felt that way in their marriage.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles decided to end the relationship in 1992. They officially divorced each other in 1996, just a year before the Princess of Wales got into a car accident in France.

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