Princess Diana manipulated by BBC Martin Bashir for bombshell Panorama interview

Princess Diana

Princess Diana sat for an interview with Martin Bashir and revealed damaging information about the royal family. However, her family and followers believed that the journalist manipulated her.

Princess Diana, reportedly, became Martin Bashir’s victim for the 1995 Panorama interview.

Over two decades since the late Princess of Wales talked with Bashir, BBC promised to reveal the truth behind it. Most people believed that Bashir used illegal methods in order to make the royal princess appear in the interview.

According to The Daily Telegraph (via Deadline), Lord Dyson concluded the investigation surrounding the interview.

What Martin Bashir did to Princess Diana

According to Lord Dyson, Bashir committed several crimes in order to win Princess Diana’s trust. This included forging documents and bank statements.

If the investigation started in 1995, it would have caused the journalist to lose the job immediately as it breaks BBC’s editorial rules.

Apart from Bashir, the retired judge eyes the former BBC management for failing to handle the controversial interview and performing a coverup.

The aforesaid executives include former director-general Tony Hall who worked as the BBC’s news chief during that time.

Lord Dyson himself received critical evidence from BBC’s controller of editorial policy in 1995 Richard Ayre. The former BBC staff told the former judge that Bashir’s tactics were purely unacceptable.

“The use of deceit in making factual programmes would have been permissible only in the case of investigating serious crime… and where prima facie evidence of the guilt of that person being investigated had already been obtained,” Ayre said.

He added that this could never be accepted due to the use of deceitful materials.

Why BBC conducted the investigation

The investigation began when Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, dropped evidence against Bashir. He alleged that the broadcaster truly did anomalies in 1996. He revealed that Bashir used “methods” to make the royal princess agree to be interviewed.

Following this news, Prince William released a statement through Kensington Palace’s social media.

“The independent investigation is a step in the right direction. It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the Panorama interview and subsequent decisions taken by those in the BBC at the time,” he said.

However, before BBC got even the chance to release the result, Bashir left his post on the media company due to health reasons. It remains unknown what the next steps would be if Bashir would be proven guilty of these wrongdoings.

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