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Princess Diana: Martin Bashir not facing criminal charges over 1995 interview


Princess Diana had a sit-down interview with Martin Bashir in 1995 for BBC’s “Panorama.”

More than 25 years have passed since Princess Diana shocked the world with her statements on BBC’s Panorama. In an interview with Martin Bashir, she revealed that her marriage had three people in it, adding that it was “a bit crowded.”

The interview aired in 1995, three years after she and Prince Charles officially separated. It is also the year before Queen Elizabeth reportedly ordered them to finally divorce each other.

15 years after the interview, though, controversies emerged, once again, centering on the infamous interview. It all happened after the late royal’s brother accused Bashir of “manipulation.”

People recently revealed, however, that the British journalist will not face criminal charges. As reported, the Metropolitan Police has ruled out the inquiry.

Inappropriate to investigate Martin Bashir

On Thursday, Scotland Yard decided that “no further action will be taken” against Martin Bashir. Commander Alex Murray released a statement, noting that specialist detectives “carefully assessed” the matter and obtained “legal advice from Metropolitan Police Lawyers, independent counsel,” and even from the Crown Prosecution Service.

He continued that “it is not appropriate to begin a criminal investigation” following their months-long assessment and investigation. Nevertheless, Murray emphasized that they will reassess the matter “should any significant new evidence come to light.”

The publication also pointed out that Martin Bashir is currently recovering from heart surgery. As explained, he had suffered from health complications due to COVID-19.

The controversy surrounding Princess Diana and her interview

Earlier in October, the Sunday Times released a shocking article, alleging that Martin Bashir “improperly manipulated” Princess Diana into agreeing for an interview. He reportedly showed her brother, Charles Spencer, two false bank statements, which the latter claimed to be the spark.

A month later, the late royal’s brother spoke with publications, clarifying what happened back in 1995. He said that the alleged falsified bank statements played major “influential roles” in his decision to push his sister to do the interview.

Spencer said that it was what “led” him to talk to the Princess of Wales about the matter. As a result, this led her to meet Martin Bashir and to the interview.

About the forged documents

ITV released a documentary amid the controversies’ emergence late last year, according to ELLE. The material titled, The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess, featured the “questionable, unethical, and possibly illegal actions” that Martin Bashir did to convince the Princess of Wales to do the interview.

Apart from these things, the documentary also highlighted Matt Wiessler’s shocking revelations. He was reportedly the one who prepared the fake documents, including the bank statements in question.

In it, he shared his “regret” for participating in Bashir’s movements to allegedly convince Princess Diana and Charles Spencer about the false stories involving her closest confidants. As reported, the documents alleged that MI5 and MI6 paid several people inside the Princess’s circles “to spy on her.”

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