Princess Diana deemed ‘nervy racehorse’ by Queen Elizabeth, experts claimed

Princess Diana deemed 'nervy racehorse' by Queen Elizabeth, experts claimed

Princess Diana reportedly told Queen Elizabeth about Prince Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Prince Charles married Princess Diana when she was 20. Despite the huge age gap between them, the public saw their marriage as a “fairytale” at first. However, things went south in the latter few years of their union.

Reports said that the late Princess of Wales had a “strong personality.” But because of this, members of the British Royal Family reportedly gave her a “hard time.”

It remains unclear how her relationship with Queen Elizabeth went. Although speculations have continued to emerge, royal experts believe that they did not share a tight one. The British Monarch even described her as a “nervy racehorse,” according to The News.

British Royals “misunderstood” Princess Diana

Ingrid Seward told Channel 5’s documentary titled, Fergie vs Diana: Royal Wives at War that the British Royal Family “largely misunderstood” Princess Diana. They even reportedly blamed her for the fallout of her relationship with Prince Charles.

The royal biographer and expert continued that the late Princess was “unhappy” with her marriage. She became “obsessed” with Camilla Parker Bowles, Seward alleged. Amid all these struggles, Queen Elizabeth would always say that her daughter-in-law is like a “nervy racehorse,” and would treat her using “kid gloves.”

Jenny Bond echoed Seward’s thoughts about the late Princess. She added that Prince Charles’ wife was “very emotional” and “unsure” of herself. But considering that the British Royals always have a “stiff upper lip,” they did not get the late royal’s actions. She always expressed her emotions as she could not help it, the expert said.

British Royals "misunderstood" Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth’s surprising reaction about Prince Charles’ affair

Later on, Princess Diana felt that she had no one else to turn to amid her husband’s affair. As a result, she went to see Queen Elizabeth and told her about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, according to Cheat Sheet.

Based on her secret recordings, which documentary Diana: In Her Own Words features, the late Princess recalled the shocking reaction of the British Monarch. When she asked her what she should do about the affair, the Queen responded that she does not know. She also reportedly said that Charles is “hopeless.”

But despite her reaction to Princess Diana’s revelations, royal biographer Tom Bower revealed in his book, Rebel Prince: The Power and Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, that Queen Elizabeth was “upset” upon learning about her son’s affair. She did not “condone adultery,” adding that she went on to describe Camilla as “wicked.”

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