Princess Diana ‘not terribly bright’, royal expert claimed

Princess Diana 'not terribly bright', royal expert claimed

Princess Diana joined the British Royal Family when she was 20 years old.

British Royals have remained popular over the years. Aside from Queen Elizabeth’s unwavering fame, Princess Diana is another royal who continued to receive the adoration of the many.

More than two decades have already passed since her unfortunate demise but, the public, especially her fans and supporters, has never forgotten about her. Several royal experts also maintained their assertions about the late Princess of Wales.

Cheat Sheet learned something about what some experts had to say about the then-Princess. One even previously claimed that the late royal was “not bright.”

Is Princess Diana “not bright”?

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Sally Bedell Smith discussed her statements about Princess Diana. She said that the royal was suffering from “emotional difficulties” when she arrived at the royal fold.

The royal expert described her as “insecure.” Nevertheless, her background made her confident and willing to “flout” some rules within the British Royal Family.

Smith continued that the royal even once attended a dinner while on earphones. She stated that the Princess of Wales was not “bright,” adding that she really never worked.

Is Princess Diana "not bright"?

She was “cunning,” though

Princess Diana may not be bright, but, she was “cunning.” Cleverness was one of her strongest assets, and she knew how to use it, Sally Bedell Smith noted.

Many individuals also reportedly believe that the Princess of Wales utilize this to “manipulate” how the public and press perceive her. This seemingly became apparent when she gave direct interviews to journalists and exposed several never-been-heard truths about the British Royals.

Through the materials, she painted Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth in a bad light. As a result, she ended up receiving the public’s empathy, and the family’s reputation took a “new low.”

Princess of Wales made to feel “terrible”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedded in 1981 after meeting only a couple of times. When she joined the British Royal Family, a royal expert claimed that the royals made her feel “terrible” due to the lack of support.

The Daily Express recalled Tom Quinn’s statements in a documentary from Channel 5. He told Royal Wives at War that the royals did not show support to the Princess of Wales during her early years as a working royal.

BBC‘s royal correspondent Jennie Bond echoed the assertions. She said that they left Princess Diana without a close confidante because the royals had worries about “potential leaks.” This reportedly caused her to turn to Fergie, the Duchess of York, who became a close friend to her. Unfortunately, things went south between the two years later.


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