Princess Diana, Prince Philip relationship: Both hated each other, sources claim

Princess Diana and Prince Philip reportedly didn’t have a great father and daughter-in-law relationship. Several sources claimed they hated each other.

Princess Diana was the royal’s choice of bride for Prince Charles. According to several sources, he wanted to marry Camilla Parker Bowles. However, the royal family urged him to find an aristocrat bride. That was why the future king married the late Princess of Wales. However, Prince Charles’ father and wife didn’t have a perfect relationship.

Princess Diana allegedly hated Prince Philip

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward revisited Princess Diana and Prince Philip’s relationship after the former’s 23rd death anniversary. Prince William’s mom and Prince Philip had been exchanging letters when her marriage with Prince Charles was on the rocks. The Duke of Edinburgh was trying to help the two make their relationship work.

In one letter, Prince Philip called Prince Charles “silly” for risking what he has to be with Camilla Parker Bowles. The late Princess of Wales thanked her father-in-law for trying to help them.

“Dearest Pa, I was so pleased to receive your letter, and particularly so to read that you are desperately anxious to help.., I am very grateful to you for sending me such an honest and heartfelt letter. I hope you will read mine in the same spirit. With fondest love, from Diana,” Princess Diana wrote in one letter.

However, as they continued to exchange letters, Prince Philip also told Prince Charles’ first wife that while the Prince of Wales was wrong to have returned to Camilla, she was also wrong to have other lovers. Eventually, Princess Diana felt that it was too much, and he started to hate the Duke of Edinburgh.

“She decided she hated Philip (that is what she told me) and his mission failed,” Seward wrote for Daily Mail.

“She hated Prince Philip,” Princess Diana’s late American billionaire Teddy Forstmann said.

Prince Philip felt the same towards Diana

As sources claimed, Princess Diana hated Prince Philip. However, it turned out that the feeling was mutual. Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom allegedly said one time the Duke of Edinburgh hated her.

According to “The Queen and Di” author, Princess Diana told her fashion designer friend Roberto Devorik that she feared Prince Philip was plotting to kill her. Devorik shared Princess Diana’s statement under oath at her inquest.

Devorik recalled an incident when the late princess pointed to Prince Philip’s photo in a VIP lounge at an airport and said something surprising.

“He really hates me and wants me to disappear,” Princess Diana allegedly said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Collett, a behavioral psychologist, and royal body language expert explained Prince Philip’s behavior. The 99-year-old is an “alpha male playing a beta role.” He knew that his place is beside the Queen or two paces behind her.

He is also committed to keeping the family together. He felt that he was a failure when Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated. Shortly after that, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson also split.

“Everything I have worked for for 40 years has been in vain,” Prince Philip reportedly said when asked about the separations in the royal family.


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