Princess Diana, Princess Margaret shared a ‘jealous-filled’ relationship?

Princess Diana, Princess Margaret shared a 'jealous-filled' relationship?

Princess Margaret and Princess Diana had a close relationship at first.

Princess Diana and Princess Margaret were some of the most popular British Royals of their time. Even today, many individuals still talk about them, as well as their fame while serving the Crown.

Royal experts and analysts believe that the two Princesses shared a close friendship. The Princess of Wales even reportedly spoke of her “adoration” for the Queen’s sister.

However, “jealousy” grew between them because the late Wales Princess took one important thing from the Countess of Snowdon. This then started their “cold war,” according to Cheat Sheet.

Was Princess Margaret jealous of Princess Diana?

Royal experts and biographers claimed that Princess Margaret was likely “jealous” of Princess Diana. The Queen’s sister was the “beautiful princess” who everyone adored across the globe until Prince Charles’ young beautiful bride arrived.

Royal correspondent Jenny Bond asserted that the Princess of Wales’ arrival “took the spotlight” away from the Countess. This caused “jealousy” to grow on the royal-born Princess’s part.

The Queen’s younger sister was the “belle of the ball,” she continued. Everyone wanted to follow her back then. But, when Princess Diana stole the scene, she appeared to be “jealous,” adding that she thought of the young princess as a “usurper.”

Was Princess Margaret jealous of Princess Diana? Did the Princess of Wales feel the same?

Princess Diana spoke nothing but adoration for Princess Margaret, according to the Daily Express. The claim came after royal expert Andrew Morton revealed that the late Princess of Wales shared this with him through the controversial secret tapes.

He said that the Wales Princess “loved her to bits” as what she recorded. She has been “wonderful” to me from the start, the late royal reportedly added.

The truth behind the assertions

Despite all the claims and reports, no one truly knows the dynamic of Princess Diana and Princess Margaret’s friendship. While some royal experts believe that there was jealousy, especially on the latter’s end, others, like Andrew Morton, have a different opinion of the matter.

The author of Diana: Her True Story, which is based on the secret tapes that the Princess of Wales recorded, argued that the fallout only began after the bombshell 1995 interview with BBC’s Panorama. This is the controversial interview of Prince Charles’ former wife wherein she described her marriage as “crowded.”

This was what reportedly urged Queen Elizabeth to force the Wales couple to officially divorce each other. Following the whole debacle, Morton said that the friendship between Princess Margaret and Princess Diana started to become “cold.”


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