Princess Diana had a ‘surprising’ diet inside Kensington Palace

Princess Diana had a 'surprising' diet inside Kensington Palace

Princess Diana “secretly” struggled with Bulimia for years.

Princess Diana became an icon upon marrying Prince Charles. Several people followed her style, and even her lifestyle, amid her time as a British Royal.

It is no secret, though, that her marriage was not a happy one. For years, she struggled with bulimia. But, it was only in 1992 when the public learned about her eating disorder. Despite this, she started to work on her “issues” and had since led a much healthier lifestyle, according to Hello! magazine.

Princess Diana became a “healthy eater”

Speaking to the publication, former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed several details about Princess Diana’s eating habits and diet. He said that when he moved to work for the Princess, she had already confronted her eating disorder.

He continued and claimed that the late royal “got her life back” on track. Aside from eating healthier choices, she also worked out every day.

McGrady then revealed what the Princess of Wales normally chose for her meals. He recalled that Prince Charles’ wife never consumed much “red meat.” She also never ate beef nor pork. She would only eat lamb when there were guests. But, in most cases, she would only consume chicken, fish, or “vegetarian options.”

For condiments, the former royal aide stated that the Princess did not like heavy sauces and creams. She would reportedly request for the chef to avoid such kinds of condiments.

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Small portions of dessert

Darren McGrady, later on, claimed that Princess Diana would “occasionally” enjoy her favorite dessert. He said that she loved “bread and butter pudding.”

However, she would only request the sweet treat when Prince Harry and Prince William were at home. The chef then added that she would not ask for it when she was alone.

All in all, though, McGrady described his time inside Kensington palace as the “happiest times.” He also recalled how the late Princess was the “worst” and “terrible” when it came to the kitchen, according to Cheat Sheet.

Her favorite meals of the day

Several publications reported that Princess Diana previously started her days with a piece of toast, grapefruit, and muesli. But, when McGrady arrived, she preferred an “Egg Suzette.”

For lunch, the late Princess reportedly liked bell peppers stuffed with courgette, rice, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and mushroom. The meal also normally came with smoked tomato pepper sauce.

Princess Diana’s favorite dinner was a bowl of Ukrainian beetroot soup. Reports said that this information only got out earlier this year. As for the recipe, it includes beetroot, onions, chicken stock, yoghurt, sour cream, milk, salt, and pepper.

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