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Princess Diana had tears, ‘awkward stumble’ during Australia tour


Prince Charles and Princess Diana had their first royal tour as a married couple in 1983.

Princess Diana officially became a British Royal when she tied the knot with Prince Charles in 1981. Upon her arrival to the royal fold, the public immediately loved and adored her for her beauty and character.

As a member of the British Royal Family and the future Queen Consort, she had to go on several royal tours and engagements outside the country. In 1983, she and the Prince of Wales went to Australia and had their first official state visit as a married couple.

The Daily Express recently released a report about a shocking thing that happened during the visit. As stated, an unearthed clip showed the late Princess having an “awkward” moment while singing the country’s national anthem.

Princess Diana “stumbled” on the lyrics

The publication said that footage recently went public, featuring Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ first joint tour in Australia. As reportedly seen on the clip, the late royal was “fumbling over the final lyrics” of “Advance Australia Fair.”

Several news cameras appeared to have followed the Wales couple’s every move in front of the Sydney Opera House. The Princess of Wales was wearing her iconic pink dress from Bellville Sasson, alongside her pink hat from John Boyd.

Reports said that despite the awkward moment of being lost for words, the Australian public did not seemingly see it as a negative thing. The crown even reportedly became “more enamoured” with her, and thousands of citizens tried to catch a glimpse of her during that time.

The Princess cried before the public

The same footage also reportedly showed Princess Diana’s tears when she “momentarily” broke down. As explained, it all happened due to the pressure from the crowd’s “mass hysteria.”

Vanity Fair previously released a report about the matter, detailing what happened during that tearful moment. Speaking to the publication, Ken Lennox, who captured the photo of the royal crying, explained what he saw that time.

He said that he was “about four feet” from the Princess of Wales. As he tried to get a good shot, he witnessed how the royal “burst into tears” and “wept” for a couple of minutes.

Lennox, then, claimed that Prince Charles did not seemingly notice that his wife was crying. But, if he had seen Princess Diana, he would likely “look the other way.”

The shocking attention given toward the Princess

The same publication, later on, shared what Sally Bedell Smith had to say about the infamous moment. She said that the Princess of Wales was “upset by the disproportionate interest in her.”

The royal biographer also claimed that Princess Diana “collapsed under the strain,” adding that she was “secretly succumbing” to her eating disorder. She reportedly felt more pressure when she realized that the whole attention toward her was “disturbing” Prince Charles.

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