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Princess Diana: ‘The Crown’ Season 4’s false scene revealed


“The Crown” Season 4 introduced Princess Diana in the storyline.

The fourth season of The Crown continues to receive mixed reactions from the public. Several royal aides and experts have also shared their opinions, particularly on the storylines centering on Princess Diana.

Despite the material’s grand production, many individuals called out the inaccuracies of the show. A former royal aide even revealed one of these “inaccurate” moments, according to the Daily Express.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ “programme meeting”

In the later episodes of The Crown Season 4, Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ characters sat down to discuss the programme’s flow of the former’s solo tour in New York. Amid the discussions, alongside their royal aides, the two camps argued about the Princess’s ability to manage her schedule.

The royal-born Prince’s camp believes that the Wales Princess would not be able to handle the challenges due to her “mental health” conditions. Charles’ character then added that the trip would even “distress” his wife because her two sons would not be with her.

The scene manifests a growing tension between the Wales couple. But, a former royal aide clarified that this “did not happen” in real life. Dickie Arbiter, who served as Queen Elizabeth’s press secretary, noted that he was there during those times.

Furious over The Crown Season 4

The same publication explained that Arbiter’s revelation comes after the surge of fury among royal experts and palace insiders came into light toward The Crown Season 4. Several palace aides and experts in the field are reportedly furious over the show’s inaccurate portrayals and storylines.

Forbes, later on, released a report discussing the palace aides and insiders’ negative reception of the Netflix royal-based drama. Sources branded the series as “unfair” and “not right,” adding that the show’s depiction of the lives of the British Royals, particularly Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, between 1979 and 1990 does not “represent the truth.”

Several others also complained that the material has “no regard” for the real people involved in the storylines. Their lives are being “hijacked” and “exploited,” the sources said.

About the show’s latest installment

The Crown Season 4 welcomes Princess Diana, as well as Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, in the plot. The ten-episode installment appears to be “loosely based” on the events that happened in the ‘80s. It starts from Margaret Thatcher’s victory in 1979 all the way to her exit in 1990.

Reports said that the show will have two more seasons in its course. Following the fourth season’s timeline, the fifth installment will likely feature the events leading to Princess Diana’s death and its aftermath.

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