Princess Diana ‘true love’ was not Prince Charles

Princess Diana 'true love' was not Prince Charles

Princess Diana “squealed like a schoolgirl” when she met him.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship has remained to be a popular subject among royal fans and followers. Despite all the things that have happened to the British Royal Family, the late Princess has reportedly remained relevant.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ marriage was not a fairytale. Everyone knows this already, considering that the ties have since become too controversial.

Many reportedly agree, though, that Princess Di loved the Heir Apparent. However, royal experts contend that Prince Charles was not the “love of her life,” according to Cheat Sheet.

Princess Diana and the love of her life

Princess Diana and Prince Charles officially divorced each other in 1996. Nevertheless, their separation happened in 1992.

Following their official split, the former couple reportedly moved on to engage ties with others. While the Prince of Wales had Camilla Parker Bowles, the Princess of Wales reportedly had Dr. Hasnat Khan.

The late Princess and Khan first met in 1995, as per the same publication. This reportedly happened when she visited a hospital “with a friend.”

Reports revealed that Diana even “squealed like a schoolgirl” when she first saw him. As noted, he was “attractive.”

Despite her popularity, though, the heart surgeon did not pay attention to her. But, this was what reportedly got the Princess’s attention.

Princess Diana and the love of her life

They kept the relationship out of the spotlight

When they started to date, sources said that Princess Diana and Dr. Khan “took the opposite approach.” As explained, they avoided fame and popularity in their relationship. He gave her a “glimpse” to a normal life, and she loved it, royal experts asserted.

Speaking to her friend, Lady Elsa Bowker, the Princess of Wales allegedly revealed that she “found [her] peace,” according to the Daily Express. However, the relationship did not reportedly work, and they ended up splitting 18 months after.

Why they broke-up

Princess Diana found her “true love” in Dr. Hasnat Khan. But, despite the “strong feelings,” they reportedly ended the relationship for several reasons.

Many theories and speculations have since emerged about the split. Unfortunately, they have reportedly remained unconfirmed as the surgeon has since refused to come forward and speak.

Royal experts and biographers conceded, however, that Dr. Khan wanted to “remain under the radar.” But, it would be impossible if he remains in a relationship with one of the most high-profile royals in the world.

Aside from this, the former couple also reportedly had a very different culture. While Princess Diana was a Christian, Khan grew up immersed in Muslim culture. In the end, the surgeon “distanced” himself and broke the late Princess’ heart, the reports added.


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