Princess Diana: Late royal’s ‘unusual’ London property revealed

Princess Diana: Late royal's 'unusual' London property revealed

“The Crown” Season 4 will shift its focus on Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ marriage will be the central point of The Crown Season 4. In the next few weeks, Netflix will drop the new ten-episode season on its platform.

Ahead of its premiere, the show’s stars have already started to hype the fans and avid watchers. Recently, newcomer Emma Corrin shared some details she learned about her character, the late Princess of Wales. One of the things she revealed was that the late royal used to live in an “unusual” flatshare in Earls Court, according to the Daily Express.

Emma Corrin’s new learnings about Princess Diana

In preparation for her role in The Crown, Emma Corrin had conversations with Princess Diana’s former Private Secretary. She said that Patrick Jephson, who worked for the princess from 1988 to 1996, gave her an “insight” into the life of the late royal before becoming a member of the British Royal Family.

The Princess of Wales, formerly known as Lady Diana Spencer, reportedly lived in west London. She worked as a nursery school assistant amid the early years of her ties with Prince Charles.

She came from living with flatmates in Earls Court, adding that she was a “very normal” girl. Corrin then stated that she got a sense of the late princess’s joy from Jephson. She lived a “relatively normal life” at the start of her relationship with the Prince of Wales.

About “The Crown” Season 4

The same publication noted that The Crown Season 4 “closely” follows the lives of Prince Charles and Princess Diana before and during their marriage. Emma Corrin plays the role, alongside Josh O’Connor, who already made his introduction in the previous season.

Aside from their Wales couple’s relationship, the new installment also takes on the significant events in the United Kingdom from 1979 up to the late 80s, according to The Sun. These will include the Falklands War and Margaret Thatcher’s years as the Prime Minister inside 10 Downing Street.

The Crown Season 4 has also released several teaser photos ahead of its premiere, which will be on November 15. The most recent one was a photo of Emma Corrin wearing Princess Diana’s iconic wedding gown.

The photo reportedly shocked several fans and supporters, noting that they had to take a “double look” because Corrin looked exactly the same as Princess Diana during her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981.

Featured image courtesy of Russ Quinlan/Flickr

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