Princess Diana was reportedly crushing on this actor

Princess Diana had been friends with Tom Cruise. But a re-emerging book revealed she had a crush on Nicole Kidman’s then-husband when they met.

After the death of the legendary Aussie royal reporter Judy Wade in July it sparked a new interest in her books about Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales, reportedly, considered Wade as one of her close friends.

So it might not be surprising that she knew a few details about the private life of the late princess, including having a crush on Cruise.

Princess D reportedly fancied Cruise

The 2007 book, Diana: The Intimate Portrait, revealed Princess Diana had a crush on Cruise.

A source told Wade the People’s Princess met the Mission Impossible star at the premiere of his 1992 movie with Kidman, Far and Away.

At the time, the insider added Princess Di was “extremely fanciable,” and the two ended up talking.

Although she just recently split from Prince Charles, Cruise was already married to Kidman then.

“She [Nicole] kept shooting me hostile looks as if to say, ‘Hands off my man!'” Princess Diana’s stylist told Wade.

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"One of my bravest moments in my entire 10 years was when we went to this ghastly 40th birthday party of Camilla's sister. And nobody expected me to turn up. But again a voice in my head said "Just go for the hell of it". I decided I wasn't going to kiss Camilla hello anymore, I was just going to shake her hand. This was my big step. And I said, ‘Camilla, I’d love to have a word with you, if possible.’ And she got really uncomfortable, put her head down and she said, ‘Oh yes, all right.’ “I said ‘I know what’s going on between you and Charles. Don’t treat me like an idiot.” -Diana Princess of Wales

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Did Kidman hate Princess Diana?

A source close to Kidman also confirmed the story, telling to New Idea that it pretty much explained why the actress turned down doing Princess Diana roles.

“This explains why Nicole turned down roles featuring Diana every time she’s been asked,” the insider revealed. “And wasn’t happy about her best friend Naomi Watts playing her, either!”

The tipster continued the Moulin Rouge! star was “very territorial over her partners and hanged onto a grudge.”

“Apparently, [this is happening] even if she’s divorced from the man and the threatening woman has passed!” the source said.

Cruise, alternatively, was “very fond” of Princess Diana. He was one of the famous faces that graced her funeral on Sept. 6, 1997.

“Nic attended Di’s funeral, but I think that was more Tom’s wish than hers,” the source continued.

The death of the People’s Princess

At the time, Cruise told CNN, via Hello!, he and his then-wife, Kidman, were both “devastated” by Princess Diana’s passing.

“They run lights, chase you, and harass you,” he said about her death in the paparazzi hands. “It happens all over the world, and it has certainly gotten worse.”

A few hours later, Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, addressed his sister’s death.

“I would say that I always believed the press would kill her in the end,” he said. “But not even I could imagine that they would take such a direct hand in her death, as seems to be the case.”

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