Princess Diana would approve Prince Harry’s California move, pal says

Princess Diana

Princess Diana would, reportedly, support her children’s choices – even Prince Harry’s departure from the U.K.

This week, the former voice coach of Princess Diana revealed that the late royal once wanted to reside in Malibu, California. She, reportedly, found a property in the area which she failed to acquire following her sudden death in 1997.

According to voice coach Stewart Pearce, the late princess wanted the property for her two children.

“She was talking about buying a property in Malibu [saying] that would be really great for the boys to have freedom so that they could surf. Because they’re both very sporty, you know, but they could surf, they could rollerblade, they could Frisbee,” Pearce told Us Weekly.

Because of this, he believes that Princess Diana would completely approve of Prince Harry’s move to the U.S.

What Princess wanted for the monarchy

Before his recent comment, Pearce penned a book titled Diana: The Voice of Change. The book includes the story of how the late princess wanted her voice to make a positive change.

The Princess of Wales once wanted to shake up the monarchy, as well. Although she is no longer around to make that happen, her sons ultimately continue what she started.

“They’re really taking on so much of what her legacy is, to bring liberation to the disenfranchised, the disassociated, the LGBTQ+ community, [the] Black Lives Matter, [and] Me Too [movements],” he said.

Pearce added that these social calls urged the princess to try using her position to spread awareness. The voice coach went on to claim that people would have supported her as everyone looked up to her with her iconic status.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that Princess Diana would also be proud of Prince Harry and his decision to open up about mental health.

It is worth noting that Prince Harry invited everyone’s attention when he joined the Apple TV+ series The Me You Can’t See. The Duke of Sussex tackled his experience on the documentary series as well as his life as a royal.

Apart from Pearce, the Princess of Wales’ former butler Paul Burrell also knew how the royal wanted to move to America. Burrell also shared the princess’ plan on the same Malibu property Pearce mentioned.

According to the Butler, they already created the plans for the house and reserved rooms for Prince William and Prince Harry.

With that said, Princess Diana truly wanted to spend her future in America – just like what Prince Harry fulfilled.

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