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Princess Diana’s secret daughter Sarah allegedly warned Meghan Markle about Prince Charles


Prince Charles and Princess Diana allegedly have a secret daughter who warned Meghan Markle about the heir to the throne.

According to Globe, Sarah Spencer was conceived following a fertility test before the Prince and Princess of Wales tied the knot in 1981.

“The fertilized eggs were supposed to be destroyed afterward but a member of the medical team secretly stole an embryo and implanted it in his wife, who could not have children of her own,” a source told the tabloid.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana’s secret daughter’s diary

Following the death of Sarah’s adoptive parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s eldest child reportedly found a diary detailing her relationship with the former royal couple.

Four years ago, the tabloid claimed that Sarah confronted Prince Charles about the death of Princess Diana. The move reportedly put her life at risk.

“Despite the danger, she surfaced because she was so eager to meet Harry’s new bride and warn her about Charles,” the insider said.

The royal couple’s eldest child allegedly urged the Duchess of Sussex to not trust Prince Charles because he’s a killer.

Meghan Markle allegedly meets Prince Harry’s older sister

According to the tabloid, Sarah and Markle met while the latter was pregnant with Archie. At that time, Prince Harry’s wife disguised herself to make sure that no one would photograph her with Princess Diana’s daughter.

The source said that Sarah and Markle immediately hit it off. They talked for hours as though they have known each other for a long time.

According to the unnamed source, Sarah has also met Prince William and Kate Middleton before. But Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s daughter like Meagan Markle more than the Duchess of Cambridge.

Rumors debunked

The absurd claims made by the tabloid are incorrect. Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s don’t have a secret daughter.

In fact, the conspiracy theory regarding Princess Diana’s embryos has been around for years.

Two years ago, New Idea published the exact same story. However, the only difference in their version of events was Camilla’s involvement.

The tabloid claimed that Camilla Parker Bowles was jealous of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s secret daughter.

And the Duchess of Cornwall couldn’t be more upset that the dubious story made headlines once again on the eve of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

According to Gossip Cop, the embryo story came from a 2011 novel written by Nancy E. Ryan. However, The Disappearance of Olivia is not about Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s secret daughter.

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