Princess Eugenie allegedly left Frogmore Cottage because it’s haunted?

Princess Eugenie allegedly left Frogmore Cottage because it's haunted?

Princess Eugenie left Frogmore Cottage just after six weeks since she moved in.

According to In Touch Weekly, it is possible that Princess Eugenie found out that the property is haunted.

“It felt eerie being in the house after what went down with Meghan and Harry and the royal family. Something didn’t feel right about living there. So, the last thing that they wanted was a dark cloud hanging over them,” the source said.

Is Frogmore Cottage haunted?

Since Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank are expecting their first child together, the source said that the royal couple doesn’t want a dark cloud hanging over them.

And since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried underneath Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s home, it is possible that the property is haunted.

“So, the house may be haunted too. But I think it’s more about the negative energy they picked up on. Meghan was never happy there and that came through loud and clear,” the source said.

As of late, there is no proof that Frogmore Cottage is haunted. There is also no proof that Princess Eugenie left the property because she was feeling Markle’s negative energy.

Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry didn't ask the queen's permission 

Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry didn’t ask the queen’s permission

According to Marie Claire, the more sensible reason behind Princess Eugenie’s decision to leave Frogmore Cottage is because she and the Sussexes didn’t ask the queen’s permission beforehand.

“Senior royals were initially blindsided by the idea for Harry and Meg to let Eugenie and Jack move in. Obviously, the Queen was told after the couples had spoken about the plan. But it is very much a deal done between Harry, Meghan, Eugenie, and Jack. There is a close bond between them,” a source told The Sun.

Initially, Prince Harry and Markle rented out their home for Princess Eugenie as she and her husband prepare for their arrival of their first child.

However, the royal couple moved out of the property just six weeks later.

Prince Harry, Markle, and Princess Eugenie haven’t commented on the matter.

Is Princess Eugenie pregnant with triplets?

Meanwhile, Princess Eugenie also made headlines this week amid claims that she’s pregnant with triplets.

According to New Idea, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughter has been buying three onesies of the same kind from a baby store.

“Many in the palace press office are hoping there’s truth to the gossip. It would be incredible news after a run of horrible headlines for the royals. Princess Eugenie is hunkered down with Jack right now, but the few friends who have seen her say she’s getting really big,” the source said.

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