Princess Eugenie will be a ‘great mother’, mom Sarah Ferguson says

Princess Eugenie will be a 'great mother', mom Sarah Ferguson says

Princess Eugenie is expecting her first baby and her mom, Sarah Ferguson, is confident that she will make a great mother.

Princess Eugenie announced in September that she and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are expecting their first bundle of joy. Her mom, Sarah Ferguson, predicted what type of mom the Princess of York would be in her recent interview with Us Weekly.

Princess Eugenie will be a ‘present’ mom

Sarah Ferguson spoke with Us Weekly and opened up about her excitement for her upcoming grandchild with her daughter, Princess Eugenie. When asked about what type of mother her daughter would be, she gave a detailed prediction.

The Duchess of York said she didn’t have her mom around growing up. So, when she became one, she dedicated her time to them. She believed that when the time comes, her daughter would be a “present” mom just like her.

“Having not had my own mother around, I’ve always been determined to be a very present mother with my children, and I know Eugenie will be the same with hers,” Ferguson, 61, said.

“She is incredibly empathetic and will be a great mother. She is a very strong and determined person, always looking for the truth in all she does. Her work for the Anti-Slavery Collective is a commitment she steadfastly campaigns for, to give everyone the chance to have a voice.”


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Sarah will be a ‘fantastic’ grandmother

Sarah Ferguson is already excited for Princess Eugenie’s child. She sees herself as a “fantastic” grandmother, and she is hoping that her children’s book The Adventures of Charlie, Blue and Larry the Lamp Post will be a good qualification for the role.

Ferguson dedicated the book to her first grandchild and promised to deliver one children’s book every month in the next 12 months to create a lovely library for her grandchildren. According to the duchess, she feels “the luckiest person ever” whenever she brings a smile to a child’s face.

Ferguson also wrote the book Her Heart for a Compass. The royal mom admitted that one of the characters, Genie Gems, was based on Princess Eugenie. She described her youngest daughter as someone who is “always coming to the rescue.” She added that the expectant mom is very kind and organized, too.

Princess Eugenie before pregnancy

Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, waited almost two years before she got pregnant. The Duchess of York said they were already very excited to share their baby with the world.

Ferguson is very close to her two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, and she is happy to see them starting their new lives. The three are so close that they call themselves “the tripod,” and Ferguson is so happy to see her girls grow.


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