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Pro shares tips on how to win ‘Fortnite’ without building


Pro players share Fortnite tips on how to win the battle royale’s No Building Challenge without creating any structures.

Playing Fortnite without building structures is like going to war without a gun. Of course it can be possible but the odds of winning are significantly rare. However, there are still those who choose to play Fortnite without laying a single structure in the game. Some may have bad building skills while others want a new challenge.

No matter the reason, there are things players must remember to be able to win the game without using materials. As a matter of fact, a player’s entire playstyle can likely change while attempting to do this challenge. Here are a few tips from pro players to help achieve a Victory Royale without building any structures.

Play safe

There is no exact tip to win the game. However, one way to survive until the final circle is to play very cautiously. Avoiding enemies will not be enough. Pros advise players to stay hidden just inside of every circle.

They even recommend going into the storm in order to avoid fights. Just make sure there are medkits on hand. Other tips to ensure playing safe include not doing anything that can draw attention and not shooting unless the kill is guaranteed.

Once inside the final circle, find a good hiding spot and start crouching. Enemies can hear footsteps and weapon switches when they are near. Only change hiding spots when necessary and try to run to another spot while the other players are fighting. This is to hide the sound of footsteps while running.

Find powerful weapons

Players who choose not to build structures will have to find and keep Fortnite’s best weapons. While this is one of the best ways of winning a match, it is even more of a priority to players who don’t want to build their shelters.

Aside from powerful weapons, pros also encourage stocking up on explosives. Without explosives, players will have a difficult time destroying enemy buildings. Finding a good rocket launcher or a minigun will give ample leverage.

Perfect playstyle

Improving aiming skills is the most essential tip for players who want to get a Victory Royale without making buildings. Playing Fortnite without utilizing materials puts anyone in a huge disadvantage.

The only way to make up for this is to have unmatchable playstyle and gunplay. Knowing the range of weapons and focusing on getting headshots will go a long way. The only way to achieve Victory Royale in Fortnite without building is to remarkably outrank every opponent.

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