‘Professor Layton 3’ is coming to both iOS and Android next week


Professor Layton 3 is coming to mobiles soon, which brings the title to more fans. The game is one of the best, if not the best, in the entire franchise.

Professor Layton 3 is a superb puzzle game released ten years ago on the Nintendo DS. The game’s full title is Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, also known as Lost Future in some regions. The game’s visuals will also get an HD overhaul for the upcoming release.

New Layton adventure is the best so far

The Professor Layton Twitter account laid out the announcement for the release. It’s also not far off, as the game will come out for all mobile platforms on July 13. The game’s title will also change depending on the region where players live.

The new site shows off the upcoming changes they’re adding to the game. The third installment in the Professor Layton series follows the eponymous professor and Luke. The two team up in a time-travel adventure and team up with Luke’s older self.

As they travel through time, they try to change the future to prevent an awful occurrence. By changing some details, they discover a few changes in the timeline. These put them at odds with a terrible fate that they wish to move away from.

The third Professor Layton received solid reviews at launch back in 2010. Reviewers called it the “best Professor Layton game yet.” The game got a ton of praise for its clever puzzles and gorgeous visuals.


Layton 3 not the first mobile title for the franchise

Professor Layton 3 is the third among the Layton series moving to mobile. The first two games in the franchise are available on mobile too. There are five total Layton games on mobile at the moment.

Curious Village came out in 2018 for both Android and iOS. The second mainline title was Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. The latter title came out for mobile June 20 of last year.

Another game included Layton’s Mystery Journey, which was the latest installment for the franchise. There’s also the Mystery Journey Starter Kit and Layton Brothers Mystery Room. Mystery Room remains as a mobile exclusive.

A price for the game is not yet out, but it will likely go at around $16. All other games in the franchise came out with this price at release.

Professor Layton 3 is a superb family game that is great for any age. The mobile release will give more fans better access to the game.

Images courtesy of Level 5/Youtube Screenshot

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