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Prolific voice actor, Brad Venable, dies at age 43


Brad Venable, a prominent dubber in the video games and anime industry, has died. He was 43 years of age at the time of his passing, but the cause of death wasn’t disclosed.

With an extensive career as a voice actor, Venable is mostly known for dubbing in game titles, like Devil May Cry V, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The Oklahoma-born voice talent is also most prolific in anime after lending his vocalization in dozens of characters. Among anime franchises he took part in, they include Attack on Titan, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Noragami, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Ladies’ Man

Often a job admired only by hardcore fans, Brad Venable’s popularity appears more pronounced among his peers than the audiences of his roles.

Erica Mendez, a fellow voice actress, tweeted a post suggesting how people are “missing out” if not knowing Brad. Particularly emphasizing on the dubber’s supportive character, especially among his colleagues, regardless of stature in their career.

Another voice talent, Faye Mata, shared her own experience with Brad’s helpful nature by citing an event at a workshop. In her tweet, she describes how the talented voice actor had cheered her into doing a difficult imitation of the Southern accent. A feat which she would not have done otherwise. Part also of the social media post is an actual video showing the claim.

A Real Bro

A gentleman through and through, Venable’s good nature does not just apply towards the women in his sphere. Even his male colleagues share the same good sentiment to him because of his genuine caring nature.

Secret of Mana and Dragon Ball Z dubber, Darrel Delfin, was brought to tears when sharing a tweet in light of Brad’s death. Clearly in grief over a valuable friend’s untimely passing.

Another male coworker, Brian Olvera, also spread a message exemplifying the prolific VA’s amicable personality. He states how he sees everyone in their best and how he brings it out. Olvera, in particular, being seen as a brother. Essentially, motivating and inspiring those around him.

Putting more good word over Brad Venable is yet another colleague under Terry Daniel, who was also dismayed over the sad news. In his own tweet, he declares the gifted dubber’s generous persona through his willingness to help. Ultimately, calling on his friend as a “real treasure”.

Image used courtesy of Inside the Voice Actors Booth/YouTube Screenshot

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