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‘Promised Neverland’ live-action series confirmed, Netflix details revealed


The hit Japanese anime, the Promised Neverland is getting a live-action TV series.

It appears that the project is currently in the works. Originally written and illustrated by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, the Promised Neverland is one of the biggest anime releases in 2019.

Owing to its massive popularity, it has caught the attention of Amazon. Due to its fame, Amazon is reported to invest in the series.

Promised Neverland live-action series details

The English-language adaptation of the hit manga will fall into the hands of several brilliant writers and directors. Meghan Malloy who wrote the script for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse will handle the plotlines.

Meanwhile, Rodney Rothman who worked with Malloy to produce the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse is an acclaimed Oscar-winning director.  Even Heroes’ Masi Oka will helm and produce the series.

Besides, Fox 21 will be on board to co-produce the series as well. As a result, the Promised Neverland live-action series is expected to be one of the most awaited adaptations in the coming months.

The story follows a group of kids, Emma, Rey, and Norman along with the other orphans in Grace Field House. The orphanage seems to be an ideal home for the abandoned children until the protagonists learn of the dark truth surrounding the place.

Based on the manga storyline, the orphanage is a farm where children are sacrificed to the demons. Realizing that they could be sacrificed next, Emma and her friends decided to devise an escape plan to leave the place. Unfortunately, Emma was not able to save all of the children.

Promised Neverland live-action series release date and cast

The anime made its first debut last year on Fuji TV. It immediately became a hit even to non-Japanese viewers. For one, the first season of the anime version landed on Netflix. Its presence on the streaming platform boosted the popularity of the series.

Since it’s still in its early stage of production,  Amazon has not yet confirmed the release date. Although the series is far yet from being finished, fans are now looking forward to the plot and the characters. For the time being, there’s no confirmation on who will take on the role of Emma, Rey, and Norman.

Will Netflix release the Promised Neverland live-action series?

Also, the streaming giant has not released any statement if it will acquire airing rights for the live adaptation. Although, the anime version is currently airing on other Netflix regions. It is still way too early to conclude if the live-series will land on Netflix.

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