PS1 remake of ‘Resident Evil Village’ has a scarier Lady Dimitrescu

Too many polygons can spoil the broth. After the recent launch of Resident Evil Village, the game has garnered a lot of fame.

Starting right from the launch of the horror series for Playstation players, Resident Evil Village has earned the top spot for many things. First of all, the art style and the character designs of the game are amazing, and they take most of the credit.

And secondly, the environment that this game builds for all the players is a reminder that Capcom has succeeded in its storytelling ability.

How does this demake look like?

If you are old, then you know how horror games used to look like. Most of the horror games back then aren’t as scary as they used to be: photorealism isn’t as discomforting as the chunky polygons, eerily static facial expressions, and the environment constantly a judder with their own putrid early 3D lifeblood.

For the demake of the Resident Evil Village PS1 version, by Youtuber Hoolopee, it almost looks too good for the original console, but it definitely lacks something.

It had failed to capture the weirdness of the uncanny village and back before, wherever it started from, to fill it in. The video on Youtube is not too long, but it features the internet-famous Lady Dimitrescu.

But there is something really off about her. In Resident Evil Village, players are amazed by the looks of this magnificent beast and the intricate art style that the developers have spent on for almost a year.

The final boss fight does not look scary at all

In the demake version, Lady, whose 1990s manifestation benefits from its lack of facial movement, looks at those permanently raised brows and that cemented smile as well.

Their werewolves, which are present in the game for the demake, are pretty weird too because sometimes, they don’t even look like werewolves anymore. They resemble more of scribbly polygonal figures that will scream out loud and murder you.

Ensure that you stick around till the end of the video to understand what is going on. The PS1 remake of Resident Evil Village is all about rage and not capturing the essence of the entire game because the polygons won’t scare you at all.

If you are an actual enthusiast of the 3D artwork and style, then the Haunted PS1 Demo will be a brilliant source of weird indie horrors and nothing apart from that. Also (spoiler alert), you will have to get through the polygonal daughters of Dimitrescu throughout the game to get the final boss.


Image courtesy of jacksepticeye/YouTube

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