PS4 now has a Black Lives Matter theme

PS4, the second best-selling game console of all time, now has a Black Lives Matter theme for its user interface. This is maybe one of its steps to voice out for the community.

PS4 or PlayStation 4 is one of the famous consoles ever made. It has created ripples in the gaming community ever since it made its debut.

The console is the eighth generation 8 GB GDDR5 RAM with an AMD processor. It has a low-end PS4 Slim variant, a normal PS4 one, and a high-end PS4 Pro. It also has a huge library of games to play from and is one of the best consoles offering a good return for gamers.

Sony has announced that the successor model for PS4, PS5, will come to markets on November 12 in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, while on November 19 to the rest of the World.

PS5 arrives in two models- a Blu-Ray disc supported model for $499 and a digital variant for $399. These models are competing for the coveted gaming console market with Xbox series X and S.

BLM movement and gaming

Sony has voiced out its support for the Black Lives Matter issue in the USA. It postponed its PS5 launch event in solidarity with the protests against racism.

The company stated that the issue needs much more vocal, and the release event should not affect it. Some other companies like Xbox, Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Rockstar supported the civil rights movement by adding symbols and statements in their products. Nintendo tweeted in support of the movement.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare added a splash screen by an update, which displayed their support for the issue.

PS4 theme update

Now, Sony has released a home screen in the theme of Black Lives Matter for PS4 users. PS4 users can download it from the PlayStation Store for free. The PS4 users can install the theme on their consoles.

The theme itself is clean and minimalistic. It is predominantly in black and yellow colors. The user interface’s upper side has three gray stripes in a black background with the BLM hashtag. The lower side of the UI has yellow stripes with Black Lives Matter written on it. The right corner of the theme has a yellow clenched fist, representing the movement.

There is no word regarding the availability of this theme in PS5. However, fans expect that the new console will come to the stores with the theme available as an option.

Image courtesy of Djordje Novakov/Shutterstock

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