PS4’s ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ to get additional costumes from the remastered version

Marvel's Spider-Man

The remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man is getting more than just a visual upgrade from the original PS4 version, which includes costumes never before seen in the game. Not to be left out, the original Marvel’s Spider-Man is also getting the same outfits, according to Insomniac’s community manager.

James Stevenson, Community Director at Insomniac Games, confirms the idea after a certain tweet popped up asking the question. The Insomniac Games’ staff, however, admitted not knowing the answer to the query initially. Thus, compelling to gather responses from colleagues that took a “bunch of time” to accomplish.

For players who still are not ready to jump on the PlayStation 5 just yet, this meant getting three additional costumes on the PS4 version.

Stevenson was not able to disclose when the costumes are coming to the PS4 version. But it’s comforting knowing that the original will not be left out in the dark once its more polished version arrives.

An “Amazing” Spider-Man costume

As for the new outfits themselves, only one of the three is known publicly at the moment. That which is known is actually a Spidey suit from The Amazing Spider-Man films—the rather plainly labeled Amazing Suit. Boasting the seamless blend between red and blue, this iconic costume is the same Spider-Man look that moviegoers have seen in the movies.

Miles Morales costumes

It is not just Peter Parker who would be sporting new getups as part of the remaster, however. Even Miles Morales, too, is, reportedly, donning more costumes aside from what is seen from the trailer. Particularly, two costumes were recently revealed and will add as part of Morales’ wardrobe.

One of the two costumes shown is the T.R.A.C.K. suit, which mixes the colors of black, white, and red. But this is not just a re-color of any of the existing designs as given by its altogether bold layout, making it distinct. Those who will pre-order the game will automatically get the costume. However, even non-pre-order owners can still get the costume in-game by purchasing it using the game’s currency.

Another costume is the Crimson Cowl suit, which gives an impression of a Spider-Man costume with a hood. It also features a mostly mixture of red and black for coloration and a design that is unique for a Spidey getup.

Image used courtesy of RandomBlackGamer/YouTube Screenshot

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