PS5 3D audio takes ‘Resident Evil Village’ to the next level

3D audio helps you immerse yourself into the world of video games and have an experience out of the world.

Sony’s PS5 games have seen a major addition lately into their lineup: Returnal and Resident Evil Village. And while both of these games may differ in their genre and offering, Returnal is a challenging third-person Sci-fi horror shooter game, and Resident Evil Village, on the other hand, is survival horror.

There is one major feature that both titles have in common and their spectacular utilization of the PS5 3D audio.

So players thinking that how the 3D works help every player be submerged into the world of the gaming environment, making them feel like they are a part of the same.

The design is made from the thoughts of Cerny

First revealed by the Ps5 lead architect, Mark Cerny, back in early 2020, PS5 3D audio makes use of Sony’s Tempest 3D audio engine to make PS5 in-game audio spatial. Rather, this amazing source helps all the players understand that the sound being delivered to them comes from the source itself.

The aim is to create a more immersive environment, realistic in-game audio experience, and Sony seems to be delivering what they promised. The implementation of the 3D audio by PS5 has been a long project.

Whether it is the soothing pitter-patter of the raindrops on the helmet in Returnal or the ghastly rasps of the approaching adversary in Resident Evil Village, both games give a chance to all the players for being completely a part of the game while they are playing.

It is an extra in-depth gameplay experience that all the players needed. Audio is one of the most seemingly important aspects of a video game, especially if the genre is dealing with horror. It is Sony’s way of adding immersion to the experience.

It creates an immersive experience

If players are looking forward to a showcase in how the PS5 3D Audio can truly elevate a game, they have to look into the future than the Beneviento House sequence in the Resident Evil Village.

It requires a lot of players to tune into their headphones while they are gaming to get the basic experience being asked for.

Cerny said that he wanted all the players to enjoy the experience of encountering a new enemy like they are a part of the battle. Visuals are better, but it is always a thrilling ride when audio is added.

Image courtesy of jacksepticeye/YouTube

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