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PS5 conference possibly happening next week, reveal coming soon?


In terms of announcements and details about the next generation of console gaming, Microsoft has a huge lead over Sony. After weeks of anticipation, Sony is finally following suit with a PS5 conference coming as early as next week.

According to reports, the PS5 conference will be held on June 3. While we’re still a few weeks away, fans can’t help but be excited about what’s Sony has in store for the next generation of gaming. Here’s what we can possibly see when the conference arrives.

A first look at the PlayStation 5

The next console of Sony will reportedly launch this holiday season despite the current pandemic. Sony did announce before that they are going to pursue the promised release, but because of the current restrictions, they’ll only release a limited number of consoles. As the holidays are only a few more months away, we might finally get a glimpse of the next console.

Microsoft has already revealed the Xbox Series X and its specs, and now, Sony could be following suit. The PS4 was revealed during E3 2013, so it’s just about right that we’re getting a reveal for the next console in the same period.

We might also be getting more details on the DualSense controller. Sony has touted that the controller will have a lot of game-breaking features. It’s one of the defining features of the PS5, so it shouldn’t be surprising if the controller gets the spotlight as well.

In terms of pricing, it’s not likely that we’ll be getting a price yet as Sony has said before that it will wait on Microsoft’s price on the Xbox Series X before it reveals theirs.

A look at the games

It’s almost a guarantee that we’ll be getting a look at the launch games for the next console. These games will dictate whether or not fans are going to get the console, and there are already a few interesting titles so far.

Some of the games confirmed include Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Fortnite, and a new Sony exclusive called Godfall. Sony has even announced before that it will have a games showcase soon so the conference could be the place for that reveal.

The PS5 is expected to revolutionize gaming, and gamers worldwide are excited to see what Sony has planned next. Hopefully, we do get the conference on June 3, as gamers have been patiently waiting for more details about it.

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