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PS5 hidden hardware feature will be enabled in an update


A new PS5 hardware update has come from the brand’s developers and has been into development.

As a replacement to the PS5 FAQ, Sony has revealed that a critical piece of the console’s hardware will be enabled in an upcoming system software program replacement.

Since the console release in the last couple of weeks, many gamers have gotten their hands on Sony’s brand new modern-gen piece of gaming hardware.

Microsoft’s Xbox series X, the direct competitor of the PS5, was released in the same week.

The new feature is not disclosed

“We are trying to keep it natural and as a normal release to the fans. We don’t want the feature to be out there so quick. As for the ones who have already tried playing on the consoles which are distributed, you can understand what we are saying. The pre-launch modules will have the feature. We are fixing on a good date to include all the details about the new hardware.”

Sony has concentrated a lot on the improvement of their consoles for the past years. According to recent news, there has been an improvement for the growing concerns among people who purchased the latest PS5.

Sony’s new console has been lauded by most gamers who have attempted it, but as increasingly more gamers get their hands at the PlayStation 5, a few hardware failures are sure to come up.

Some PS5 owners have complained and stated that the machine’s cooling fan is extraordinarily loud, and this trouble has been attributed to an unfastened sticker on the console’s internal.

If the decal turns unfastened, it can dangle in the fan’s manner, inflicting a loud and repetitive sound.

Other console owners are reporting trouble that prevents the PS5’s DualSense controller from charging while the console is in its low-energy relaxation mode.

The recent FAQ section is updated

Sony has recently taken a hint for adding new features to the hardware using their new update in the FAQ section.

The team and the whole management have taken the initiative to come forward and come with basic tactics that can help the entire company to find better units. The new feature included on the piece of the console will become easier.

Sony has also disclosed that the new Black Friday sales will be revealed soon, and the idea for discounts will be massive for all gamers who want to purchase the latest PS5 this year.

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