PS5 pre-orders break PS4’s 12 weeks sale records


PS5 console’s pre-orders have already exceeded the number of PS4 consoles sold in the first 12 weeks of its release in the USA.

PS5 has increased the hype around its manifold. Since it announced the release, it has always been in the limelight of fans and media. It has broken many pre-order records around the world. To cite one, In Currys PC World in the UK, a retailer, pre-orders in websites ended just in 10 minutes, and in four hours in stores.

PS5: The next-gen beast

PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will arrive at markets in a minimal interval, with people confused about which one to buy. Xbox sales seem to go pretty well without issues, but not in the case of Sony.

Such incidents are happening around the world, but the impossible happened. This incident shows gamers’ craving for the consoles and their eagerness to lay their hands on one.

Sony and Microsoft are competing against each other to dominate the market. As the release date is less than a month now, they are adopting various publicity methods and giving away review units to popular gaming and tech personalities worldwide.

PS5 is the 9th generation console from Sony with advanced specs in the market. This upgrade will allow players to experience massive changes from the previous-gen titles. Console companies now have assured gamers that their beloved titles will be available as early as possible.

Pre-order mania

Now, recent reports have suggested huge demand for the PS5 console. Sony has sold more PS5 consoles in pre-orders in 12 hours than the number of PS4 sold in the first 12 weeks of its release in the USA. This may be attributed to the pandemic lockdown imposed worldwide. Many people and gamers work from home, and they may need an entertainment platform to vent their stress.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan said, “The demand, as expressed by the level of pre-order, has been very, very considerable.” He stated this in a recent interview and added that Sony might not fulfill all pre-orders on the first day.

“It may well be that not everybody who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will be able to find one,” said Jim Ryan. He further added that the company is “working as hard as we ever can” to ensure customers’ supply.

Customers all over the world are waiting for this console to hit the markets, while analysts predict pre-orders could take up to January 2021 to be completed.

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