PS5 reveal event impressive viewership and interest overshadows the Xbox Series X

PS5 reveal event impressive viewership and interest overshadows the Xbox Series X

Sony’s PS5 reveal event has garnered so much attention, more than the Xbox Series X, to be exact. Does this signal a loss for Microsoft?

Sony had to delay the PS5 Future of Gaming event when massive protests broke out after George Floyd’s murder at the hands of former police officers. However, the event resumed just a week after, attracting massive viewership that quickly overshadowed Microsoft’s Xbox Series X event last May.

Does this mean instant victory for the PS5 when it is released this coming holiday season?

Xbox Series X interest pales in comparison to the PS5?

Sony finally held its first-ever major event for the PlayStation 5 last June 11. The event had long been anticipated by gaming enthusiasts after months of deafening silence from the company.

Sony definitely built up immense curiosity and interest by withholding PS5-related information. With this, the interest in the Future of Gaming event doesn’t really come as a surprise. Rumors of Sony finally revealing the next-gen hardware only furthered public interest. Luckily, these rumors turned out to be true.

According to Esports Charts, Sony’s games showcase peaked at around seven million viewers during the event’s three-hour-long run. As it stands, around 28 million people have viewed the event on YouTube.

Microsoft’s May games showcase event peaked only around 700 thousand in viewership. This figure definitely pales in comparison to that of Sony’s.

Most watched gaming stream on YouTube?

PlayStation Lifestyle recently reported that the event was the most-watched gaming event on YouTube. The reports claim that it’s greater than even that of the Xbox Series X events and past E3 conferences.

This information reportedly came from Twitter user Millie Amand who is supposedly a statistics manager at YouTube. However, the publication quickly updated the report saying that their information had been false. Furthermore, no such person actually exists.

While this information may have been false, there is no denying that Sony’s event for the PS5 racked up some impressive views.

Unfair comparison

Gaming journalist and Forbes‘ own Dave Thier shared his thoughts regarding the comparison between Sony and Microsoft’s game showcases. According to him, the figures for both company’s events shouldn’t be an apples-to-apples comparison. He says that Microsoft has been so consistent in providing updates that there was no big demand for information.

People can’t say the same thing about Sony and the PS5. More than that, Sony’s event had included first-party games which Microsoft is holding out on for the time being.

Thier also reported that in the last 90 days, interest for the PS5 had been above that of the Xbox Series X. The Future of Gaming event took that interest to a whole other level. After the event, the PS5 has dominated gaming-related conversations.

Interest for the Playstation 5 is largely attributed to the massive success of the PS4. The PlayStation had always been a market leader since Sony released its first console. This year, however, the Xbox Series X boasts impressive GPU and storage. Not only that, but Microsoft’s next-gen console is also rumored to have a price advantage over the PS5.

The PS5, on the other hand, is already following in on the PS4’s footsteps in terms of exclusives. Exclusive titles are what made the PS4 so successful with titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Spider-Man driving more sales for the console.

The Playstation 5 already boasts a number of exclusives such as Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil Village, and the Demon’s Souls Remake among other titles.

Only time will tell, however, which console will win. But based on reports, the PS5 so far has the advantage.


Images courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube (1)

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