PS5 reveals delay of the ‘Abandoned’ app release

PS5 horror release Abandoned has their reveal app delayed for later.

PS5 horror releases are hard to come by.

The prime reason for this is that many major companies are always working on top budgeted projects that are going to be a blockbuster like ‘Resident Evil Village.’

Since the launch of Village, all the people in the horror community have loved the idea of mixing horror with cutthroat action. On the contrary, who does not like survival horror games where you have to do your best to survive in a world that is already ending or harsh conditions of the dark side of life?

Why is this release delayed?

There are such PS5 releases that have challenged the norm repeatedly, and the prime motto for them has been turning up the sales and amp the production house for father releases.

Abandoned have been proposing just a grim scenario where the main protagonist has been able to find himself away from his home and where is stuck, with the help of no friends and not much of a survival kit to go by. But the developers have worked through the release, and they have said that they are working on the reveal of the app, which has been purposely delayed.

It has been delayed till August, and the announcement was made by the developed Blue Box Game Studio itself. This is also good news for the fans as the delay is happening, and the first trailer will be delayed till August now.

The Studio Team is indeed tired

Studio head Hasan Kahraman has declared that they are working on the title again, and there are only a few weeks left, which will be very stressful to most of the people who are working throughout.

She had commented on the situation, which is being worked out right now and has said that the team is exhausted and they were hoping to release the app the same day when it was commenced, and there is a lot of work that is to be done.

However, the delay till August has been made on certain considerations that have been done to make the first impression of the game a major hit with all the fans who are eagerly waiting for it. Abandoned falls into the cinematic horror universe category, which emulates the survival process based on a first-person basis.

This means that when players are playing this game, they make them scream right in front of their faces.


Image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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