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PS5 stock lurkers turning to bots to get their units


Some stock lurkers of the PS5 are relying on self-made bots to secure themselves their own unit after many sleepless nights.

Gaming is already a huge culture in itself, but as months go by with the shortage of consoles still persisting, new sub-cultures are forming. Many gamers eager to get their hands on a PS5 are losing sleep.

Many stay awake during the night, constantly refreshing e-store websites while waiting for a new drop of stocks. Unfortunately, the number of this type of people isn’t few.

There are actually tens of thousands of gamers worldwide still waiting. Some patiently, some with extreme impatience.

Bots are the solution for some PS5 stock lurkers

According to an exhaustive investigative report by Polygon, some gamers are turning to bots as the solution to their problems.

While some are just waiting for stocks to normalize in stores, some are using their tech prowess to do the job for them. This is especially true for a college student who shared that he developed a bot to make his life easier.

According to the report, the bot worked really well. The student didn’t even lift a finger to execute the purchase except for the hour he spent coding the bot. As soon as the bot went online, it did the lurking by itself.

“It responded in about 8 seconds, and bought my PS5 disc edition from Amazon at a little after 3 a.m. I received the system 2 days later.”

Feelings about bots are mixed. Many fans of the console feel cheated when bots get ahead of actual human buyers. After all, they know that these bots were created with capitalism and not gaming in mind.

As for the student who made the bot, he shares that he has no plans on profiting from his design. It’s just too much ‘hassle,’ according to him.

No end in sight

The problem of the shortage of units is beyond Sony’s control. There is an ongoing shortage of chipsets across the tech industry. It was originally just limited to smartphones and e-vehicles. Unfortunately, the problem has trickled down to even gaming consoles.

The incoming CEO of Qualcomm even thinks that the issue will persist until the end of the year. The demand for tech because of the pandemic has just skyrocketed, and chip manufacturers don’t have an immediate solution to fill the gap.

In other words, some of those gamers that can’t wait may have to rely on the secondary market to get their hands on their own PS5.

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